My pitch for the Consumption Tax

The IRS, 0ur leaders and  bureaucratic political activists cannot be trusted ever again to not use the IRS bureaucracy against their opposition. The IRS has become a political weapon for the left, a bully and an extortionist group. It has to go. A consumption tax on all goods and services, including exports would solve a whole bunch of America’s problems. Not only does everyone ( all citizens,immigrants,visitors,foreign students and foreign consumers) support our government, revenue goes up, the IRS will never turn it’s abusive power against #WeThePeople again, there will be no more crony corrupt practices and corporate welfare involved in collecting tax revenue, consumer prices will fall as Business and Corporations will not pay tax on monies invested in creating jobs, infrastructure, innovation and research……and America will become a fully employed nation who can pay her bills and her debt and she will welcome her immigrants.  Government subsidies and welfare will be much reduced. Add the simplification and business friendly reform of regulations and America will be strong and healthy again. Abolishing the IRS is an important start in rolling back the abusive footprint of our government bureaucracies. Except for our national defense, most everything can be privatized. Privately owned, profitable business is more efficient and just, as we all know.


Why are Obama and the left so enamored with the murderous leftist dictators around the world? Do they really think they would survive under the cruel oppression of Castro or a Mao or a Chavez? No. The leftist dictators are the oppressors of the workers, no matter what their rhetoric is. There is no such thing as a benevolent dictator. In Obama’s case, I think he is a wanna be dictator. I am just not sure he has the stomach to imprison or murder more than half our population, like the rest of the world’s dictators were and are. Why would any American leader want to take away our individual sovereignty and self governance rights? Why would any American want a statist government where a few elitists have the right to make the rules for the majority? At best the Castros will both die shortly and there is no one to carry on their repulsive oppressive experiment in Marxism. The People have never faired well under Marxism or Communism. It always brings them oppression and poverty. Why the left continues to be enamored with it, I do not know.

Sony Hack

While I never would have gone to see a comedy on the assassination of the North Korean dictator, I also would never have caved to the extortion of the hacker. This mistake will be revisited soon.  The Islamists and the Middle Eastern countries do not like “Homeland”. How soon will a hacker extort Showtime and the cable and satellite companies? The correct answer to this extortion would have been to hire more security and show the damn film. The correct answer for this would be for Sony to release the DVDs, now.  The correct answer for this would be for the US government to start protecting our businesses from these hackers before they really hurt us.

One question. Why would our government not only be asked to sign off on the ending in this film, but why would they sign off on it? Did our government collude with Sony to “embarrass and anger” the North Korean dictator? Was this a petty reckless “bullying” tweak by our President for not bending to his will? I seem to remember a CIA connection to the  anti Islamic film maker and his video production that President Obama blamed for the Benghazi attacks.

One more observation. The Guardians of Peace Hacker, is GOP an accidental acronym? Could the hacker that was MAYBE hired by North Korea be just  another reckless petty radical leftist from our fine country

I support the bipartisan spending bill.

 While there is some waste, there are several good things in this bill and I support it. This spending bill will allow the new Congress the breathing room to pass much needed reforms to fix our nation. America needs jobs to pay our bills and our nation killing debt… and we need the border secured. That means we need to simplify the tax and regulatory codes so that they will be business friendly. The costs of doing business in America is just job killing and nation destroying craziness. The pipeline will lead the way back to economic recovery for our nation. The jobs may be temporary,but all construction jobs are,aren’t they? Increased energy production will allow the exports to Europe and the free world, decreasing the agression, intimidation and threats of OPEC,Russia, and the South American Marxist nations. An economically strong America reduces China’s agression too. We need jobs for our citizens and our immigrants before we ID everyone here, kick out the felons, craft and implement a smart Immigrantion Program that will fit the economic needs of our nation.

Obama’s radical leftist agenda

The conspiracy theorist in me says that dividing our nation, bankrupting our nation and creating instablitiy to force marxist change is and always has been the plan of the radical left. I believe it is President Obama’s plan, too, straight out of the Sal Alinsky, Cloward and Piven handbooks. America has been had by the Deceiver in Chief and his gang of radical leftists.

Feinstein, Rockefeller&Senate Dems endanger our people and our allies with release of flawed biased report.

Feinstein and the Dems did not question any CIA people involved in the program. They did not acknowledge the Justice Department and Holder’s investigation and the fact that no charges were filed because nothing illegal was done. They did however take the word of 2 lawyers who were defending Gitmo detainees. They did however smear the CIA for things that were done by contractors or other countries. This report is an unbalanced propaganda piece done by petty partisans. Hypocrites Feinstein, Rockefeller and the other Dems all knew about the enhanced interrogation program before it’s implementation. They were also informed of the rendition program under Clinton. Shame on them for putting our people and our allies at risk. The deaths caused by their revengefull hate filled, action is on President Obama and the arrogant Dems. We already knew most of what is in this report. Most of us acknowled that we would sanction enhanced interrogation to save our family. We didn’t know Feinstein spent 40 million dollars on it. The “We Know Best” crowd are bankrupting us as well as killing us now.

Enhanced interrogation radical leftist witch hunt by hypocrites.

We know what enhanced interrogation is. Some of us, like me, support it. Others do not. Others like Senator Feinstein, Senator Rockefeller and President Obama hypocritically say they don’t, though they do support NSA spying, they do support the IRS being used as a political&ideological weapon and they do support droning of terrorists, including American terrorists without trial. It should be noted that Feinstein and Rockefeller knew of the program and what it was before it was implemented. It should also be noted that the Justice Department declared the enhanced interrogation program legal and strict protocols were adhered to. That is why no criminal charges have been implemented. So, no, I do not think this report should be released. Not only is our security and the security of our Allies at risk, we mute the effectiveness of the CIA, who is charged with protecting us. It seems the Obama Administration is throwing all law enforcement under the Bus at their own and our peril. This witch hunt by partisan leftist radicals that hate America, hate President Bush and other Republicans so much that they are willing to endanger all Americans and our allies in their blind eagerness for revenge and to rewrite history. I have no respect for those that are releasing this report. They are the Benedict Arnold’s of our day.

My wish list for the new Congress

Remove most ACA mandates,,cadillac tax,medical device tax, allow policies to travel with the consumer&open up health care insurance to competition in all 50 states. Americans will chose quality care that suits them at lower prices.Those that have subsidized care or Medicaid will move off once they return to the workforce. Secure the Border by sending monies to the states. They will have to secure our southern border as Obama will not. Build the pipeline and allow more drilling on public lands. Exporting natural gas, oil and coal to Europe and the free world stops the aggression and intimidation of Russia, OPEC and the Marxist nations in South America. Replace the taxcode with a consumption tax on all goods and services,including exports. The IRS and Democrats can never be trusted again not to use it as a weapon against our people. Consumer prices will decrease because businesses/corporations. will not pay tax on any monies used to create jobs, build business infrastructure, invested in research and innovation. Prices will also go down after regulations are simplified and compliance costs reduce. Everyone will pay to support our government and pay off our nation killing debt–all citizens, immigrants, visitors, foreign students and foreign consumers. We will become a fully employed nation, again and a fully employed nation welcomes immigrants. A fully employed nation reduces government welfare and balances her budget. Replacing the tax code with a consumption tax, solves a whole lot of this nation’s problems. ID everyone here, kick out the felons. Make the immigration department work in an efficient and fair manner providing the immigrants needed for our economic needs. If anyone wants citizenship, the start the process at the back of the line. Immigration reform comes after our nation is back to a robust economy. America needs jobs to pay the governments bills and to support our citizens and our immigrants, If Democrats help, most bills sent to President Obama can be veto proof. Congress needs to work around Obama and mute the harm he does with executive orders and abusive bureaucratic regulations. He will not change his radical leftist agenda. He means to harm American and our people.

Obama’s reckless release of Guantanamo prisoners

We need to stop releasing these guys from Guantanamo. Obama is wrong. Prisoners of war do not get released until after the enemy signs a treaty. The Taliban has not done that. AlQaida has not done that. The people directly associated with the 911 attack need to be tried in a military court for war crimes and sentenced.
Feinstein and the Senate Dems have become America’s enemies after they release the interrogation report, tommorrow. Who will trust us or work with us after they out countries and individuals who assisted us in the rendition of the terrorists and their supporters? Feinstein is putting a target on their backs and is endangering Americans the world over, not to mention giving ideologues around the world evidence to bring World Court charges against us. Obama stopped rendition and now we have a whole lot less intel on people who wish us harm. We are at war. We should question our enemy and we should be using enhanced interrogation techniques when needed. If waterboarding has you pants in a bunch, then stop that, but don’t be suicidal, don’t hurt our country and our citizens, Mr. President. Feinstein and all those who support publishing this report are being recklessly stupid and endangers America’s security. The President, Feinstein and other Democrats have such a hate for President Bush, Republicans and America’s supposed past sins, that they are willing to endanger our country and her people in their zeal for retribution.

Our President is a radical leftist agitator set on his change.

They have gotten worse because President Obama, AG Holder and other radical leftists use race baiting to divide our nation. They continue to lie about the reasons for Young black men dying. Brown and Garner resisted arrest. Why? Why is their such anger and disrespect for authority in the inner city black community? Why did New York Law Makers and Mayor DeBlasio make selling loose cigarettes a front of the line police issue? That is just a stupid law. The inner city black community is comitting their own genocide . Not only is the black baby abortion rate five times that of the white community in NYC, but black leaders encourage the anger, lawless disrespect for authority and other’s property that kills their children every day. Democrat Progressive leadership have created a powder keg mob mentallity that they can release anytime they want. It was Democats that destroyed our inner cities, leaving them with generational poverty, government dependence, high unemployemnt, failed schools and increasing violence and crime filled neighborhoods. It was Democrats that created the anger, lawless disrespect and hopelessness that creates the mob mentallity and it is the radical leftists, anarchists, Black Panthers, communists and unions that are agitating the mob to violence. Our President and his army of diseffected and disrupters are dividing our nation and creating the chaos and instability needed to force their marxist change on us.