Ebola protocols

I don’t think America is in a panic. However, we are afraid that Obama will not act until it is too late as he has done on issues before. He has a pattern of waiting too long, allowing problems to deteriorate into crisis after crisis, both here and around the world. Common sense says we must have a travel ban from the Ebola hot spots and common sense says we must have a mandated quarantine for all who come back from the hot zones.  Common Sense also says that the healthcare workers here in the US, are in quarantine during and 21 days after caring for an Ebola patient. Common sense says the US and the rest of the world’s nations need to rush in medical teams, medicines,supplies, food and infrastructure teams to the hot zones to stop the spread of Ebola. This is a world security mission and the world better step up now or regret their inhumanity and cowardly actions later.

Ferguson threatens to riot

Police are gearing up for the riots expected when the grand jury releases it’s findings. Are they Ferguson Protestors or are most of them out side leftist agitators? The Democrats have destroyed and bankrupted the cities that they have governed for decades and they have created  an inner city population living with increasing failing schools, crime and violence, that cannot think in any logical manner. It is all about feeling and those feelings are one of disenfranchisement, victimhood, entitlement and anger. Their leaders are directing these feelings and have encouraged their people to think that past wrongs need to be addressed thru the demonization and punishment of the innocent. From the start, anyone looking, including Holder and his leftist activist lawyers, knew that the policeman was telling the truth about the incident. Brown strong armed a store keeper,stole merchandise, attacked the policeman in his car,ran away when shot,turned and charged back to finish the policeman off. When did it become okay for people to lie and incriminate others because their own lives are shitty? When did it become okay for political activists, Obama and Holder to try to exploit and gin up a race war to create the chaos and uncertainty needed to force thru their “Change” that only a Marxist or Communist can believe in?.

What is this election about?

It is about Jobs and the economy, like always. A fully employed America fixes a whole lot of things. We pay our bills,balance the budget and pay off the nation killing debt, plus……Americans have more money in their pocket and are a whole lot less dependent on intrusive government. America welcomes the immigrant if he has a good paying job, like our citizens, and pays his own way. An economically strong America gains the respect of the world and the bad actors will cut the crap they are doing….Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, Syria and the UN. The only way we become economically strong again is for Libertarian/Republicans to win both Houses in overwhelming numbers to circumvent Obama’s petty veto. Reid cannot continue his continuing resolution and one man veto tyranny and Obama cannot continue his governing by executive orders and regulatory/litigation abuses.  We will lose our Republic if we cannot have a constitutionally run government. 385 House bills are sitting on Reid’s desk where he refuses to allow them to the Senate Floor for debate, amendment and conference. Why Senate Dems continue to allow Reid to do this, I do not know. 300 of these bills are bipartisan/veto proof bills and many are job bills.  A vote for a Democrat is a vote for Reid and Obama’s lawless, more of the same failed, dangerous leadership. Despite the Democrat Candidates saying that they will oppose Obama’s policies, they did not do it in the last 6 years.  I doubt they will find their courage and common sense to do it these last two years.

My solution for the anti American attack on Madison County School’s memorial

Can the school sell the land where the memorial sits to a private individual?  Is anyone making shirts and memorabilia with this memorial pic and bible verse (s)on it? The shirts could be worn at all school functions to protest the intolerance of a few people who threatened to bankrupt a school with frivolous anti constitutional litigation. Just like prayer, these intolerant anti American activists cannot stop the individual, just the bureaucrats and institution.

Obama’s America is Racial&Domestic unrest and lawlessness

The Democrats allowed and encouraged the breakdown of the black family,of their schools and infrastructure, government dependency, anger,entitlement and lawless disrespectful immoral behavior. Democrat Progressives have made the mob to create the chaos,disruption,violence and government breakdown to force thru the Change that America will not like. Marxism is not American, but it is Obama, the deceiver.

What to do about the abusive ACA

It is too late to repeal it. We have to fix it. Opening it up to market forces of competiveness in all states is first on the agenda. Second, Repealing the mandates will allow choice.  These two actions will reduce cost and stop the damage to our economy and health care. Business friendly tax and reg reforms will create a fully employed America, including our immigrants. All of which will reduce the subsidies needed. People will choose the private sector over government incompetent substandard care, any time. I am a Libertarian Republican and I have a plan.

A vote for a Democrat is a vote for more of Harry Reid’s obstruction

America cannot allow the Democrats to keep the Senate or win the House. We will lose the Republic if we do. The way things are we are running the government by continued resolution and executive orders because Harry Reid is a one man veto. There are over 350 House bills on Harry Reid’s desk, many of them job and appropriation bills, as well as a budget. Reid will not bring them to the Senate Floor, despite most being bipartisan House bills. Reid stops regular order in Congress and he has done this for 4 years. He will not bring them to the Senate floor for debate, amendment and conference. Why Democrats allow him to deny their voices in our government, I do not know. A vote for any Democrat is a vote for Harry Reid and Obama’s rule thru executive action and regulatory abuse.

Why are so many of Obama’s people speaking out against Obama

I think a whole lot of people are worried about Obama’s erratic governance. He is making decisions that do not make sense. How can our President not allow our military to destroy  ISIS? Why does he delay and tie the hands of the military when he is finally shamed into acting against ISIS? It is my belief Obama and the State Department were just fine with the barbarity and cruelty of ISIS until the public outrage over the beheadings. Obama and the State Department knew the barbaric persecution of the Syrian people done by ISIS. Do they think it was for the common good? The common good being Assad’s defeat. Do they think that they can use ISIS in their war against Assad and ignore their repugnant crimes against humanity? Despite the rebels having Assad on the run in the beginning, Obama waited until the Islamists had infiltrated the Syrian Rebel groups before he called for bombing Assad and arming and training the rebels. The arms we sent to the Syrian Rebels probably ended up in ISIS hands and we probably trained them for crying out loud!  ISIS marched into Iraq and Obama did nothing, instead forcing the ouster of Maliki. ISIS was in the open, on the roads. It would have been easy to destroy them. Instead Obama allowed them to rape, behead, bury alive, torture, enslave, force conversions and force Sharia on the Iraqi people. Now, Obama is allowing ISIS to take over Kobani, knowing full well that ISIS will butcher the Kurds. How many thousand must suffer, be murdered and abused by ISIS in Obama’s long war against this monstrous group? Arm the Kurds and embed Special forces and advisors and let’s just get the job done and destroy ISIS now. Waiting is not an option. The Shite Iraqis  and the Sunni Turks will not  arm and assist the Kurds. We have three groups that will never work together. We must work with them as separate nations. The Kurds and the Christian minorities can only be helped by Western Nations. The US must step up. Islam is ready to see them destroyed. Obama and the State Department are fools if they think a Caliphate headed by the Muslim Brotherhood will appease the jihadists and their barbaric cruel vision for the world. The Muslim Brotherhood has that same dark vision. They are fools to think they can work with Iran. The mullahs have that same dark vision.

Should Romney run for President again?

Romney would make a very good President, but really why would he subject himself to the abuses of the Democrats? I am thinking that Romney would be a good  chair for a Presidential economic team to chart a plan on the road back to prosperity. Romney could lead the way to reform our regulations and Steve Forbes could lead the reform of the way we collect government revenue. Both regs and taxes need to be reformed in a business friendly way, before we become a fully employed and economically successful nation again. Coburn could lead the charge to cut government size, waste and fraud. Herman Cain could implement his inner city revitalization plan. We need EPA reforms that protect our nation’s job market  while protecting our health and well being. Our nation needs a wise man who can make decisions in a just,effective and logical manner. I believe that man is Dr. Ben Carson.  It is going to take a Village of experts with common sense, who love our country, her people and support her constitution,  and  who will work to heal her and make her what she was always meant to be. We have a good foundation, we just need to live up to our Founders’  vision.

Can we stop Ebola here

Are hospitals able to handle Ebola patients and contain the disease? They will do their best they can, but Ebola is one nasty virus and will find it’s way into our population, if we do not stop flights coming out of the African hot spot nations, We need to stop the 150+people per day from coming in. It is just crazy we have not done this. When American aid workers and journalists come back, they need to go into quarantine for 21 days. Instead of dividing our attention, we should quarantine those countries involved, rush in medical teams for all over the world, rush in supplies and infrastructure. We need to stop this disease in Africa. Dividing our attention, allowing this disease to spread and trying to contain it in our nation is just stupid. Let’s have some common sense here, folks. Quarantine those African nation and wipe the disease out in Africa.