There are things that can be done to secure our schools. Our law makers and school officials know what they are;  most are just common sense, some take time, but it seems they always find other things to spend our tax money on. Protecting our children should take precedence over everything else.  Bureaucracy has grown by leaps and bounds, while our children’s security has been neglected.  Just get it done. Protect our children

It is ridiculous that law enforcement, school officials, family, friends and acquaintances all know and were concerned about these mass killers.   We know what can be done. We know what could have stopped this latest shooter and most of the other mass shooters. Just do it.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  2. USE ONE ENCLOSED ENTRANCE. SECURE IT, using armed guards, ID card scanners,metal detectors and security dogs. Paid security may be cost prohibitive, but  our school officials, the local, county and state police will gladly step up and rotate duties. What happens to the old scanners and old metal detectors when our Government buildings and airports update? Why not donate those to the schools? Why not ask for donations to obtain these devices? We have the technology to make school ID cards with a scan strip on the back. We even have facial recognition technology, though that might be a little too costly.  If so, school personnel could match the face and ID at the secure entrance.
  3. PROVIDE MENTAL HEALTH TO STUDENTS WHO NEED IT AND REMOVE CHILDREN FROM ABUSIVE HOMES. Monsters are made, they are not born. Schools should not be treating children like criminals. Expelling a child for disruptive behavior is not the answer. Separating a child from other children, counseling the child, providing mental health services and implementing after school detention are preferable. DCF needs to do a better job monitoring at risk children. They have failed too many times, as have our mental health providers.  If a child has threatening or dangerous behavior, call Law Enforcement. mental health services and Department of Child Services. There should be no tolerance for bullying. Again, counseling, changing class and detention, not expelling children should be the rule on bullying. Lessons in tolerance, understanding and inclusiveness should be the order of the day, not ostracization and ridicule. The Golden Rule has stood the test of time and should be posted in every classroom. As I said before, Monsters are made, not born.
  4. Reform our Mental Health laws. Make it easier for family members, friends, acquaintances, law enforcement, counselors, schools to force mental health care on those people who need it, especially those that are dangerous and threatening. A local panel of  mental health providers, law enforcement and patient advocates would ensure that a person’s rights are not being infringed upon when they are forced into a care facility or into counseling. Make mental health care available for everyone that seeks it, subsidize it where needed.   Our Mental Health providers need to stop medicating their patients. Drugging children who misbehave or are disruptive is not the answer.  They should be taught to face, to conquer and to cope with their problems.  Mental health providers need to follow up on patients who stop coming to them for counseling, especially those they have prescribed drugs to. Mandate Mental Health Providers provide the names of their dangerous patients to the NICs Agency.  Whether by neglect, indifference, incompetence  or bureaucratic road blocs, we are making the monsters who kill us.
  5. Reform the FBI tip line and it’s procedures. Protocol and bureaucratic layers are killing us. All FBI tip calls should go to the closest FBI office.  Calling into one  centralized call center is just stupid.  FBI office and all tips should confer with the local police. A simple call to the local police in Parkland would have revealed their 39 interactions with the latest mass murderer.
  6. Fix NICs so that it provides service in a timely manner. The Charlotte shooter was on the NO buy list. Arrest and litigate people who try to buy guns and know they  are not permitted to.
  7. Enforce our gun laws. If a gun is used while committing a crime, mandatory time should be added to the sentence. Confiscate the guns of violent criminals or mentally ill people, when reported.   I can see only two new laws that can be done constitutionally. 1. Extend the background check law to private sellers and “gifters”. Gun shops are more than happy to do it for you. They do it for all internet sales. Guns are picked up at the gun shops where a background check and ID are made. It is not expensive.  2. Outlaw all kits to alter semi automatic guns to make automatic weapons.
  8. Educate our people. 1) Our Founders knew that some men are not angels. The second amendment protects every citizen’s right to self defense. 2) An AR 15 is a semi automatic gun, not an assault rifle. When you take the outer cover off, all semi autos are the same In fact AR is the company name, ARMA LITE. Most shootings are done with a pistol, not a long gun. 3) Mass Murderers, whether mentally ill or not, will use any weapon to kill and harm others if they decide to do it. We know they have used pipe bombs, Truck bombs, vehicles, and gas .as well as guns in the past. It is not the gun that is evil, it is the murderer, the terrorist and criminal.

As we witness another mass shooting, we must ask ourselves, What is different today to cause these obscene acts? MASS MEDIA and a disconnection from FAITH and MORAL education.

What is different today? Mass Media. Social media allows us to be informed and connected, but also socially isolates and disconnects us.  It allows us to converse,discuss and debate with others,  but it also allows us to be mean, to bully, to ridicule, to be verbally cruel, to insult, to demonize those we do not agree with.  Social media, entertainment media also provide wholesale violent images on demand.

Everyday, we witness our leaders in DC, entertainment and media, indulging in an “Ends Justify any Means” strategy by demonizing and attacking their colleagues and opposition, through the use of deceitful, insulting, disrespectful, inciting, divisive rhetoric. Has that abominable behavior leached into Main Street America? Yes and we have a media that exploits and encourages this out of control, poisonous animus.

In our schools, what is different today? They are bigger. There is less community in them. Schools are brutal to the kid that does not fit in because of their dress, their weight, their looks, their disabilities and dysfunctions. Children are bullied ,assaulted, ostracized, ridiculed and embarrassed daily by their peers and some educators. When a child misbehaves, there are only “no tolerance” rules,  he is kicked out of school, ostracized, instead of receiving help or redirection. No after school detention, no parent teacher conversations, no mentoring are tried and no mental healthcare is mandated. There are no moral lessons, no ethical education, God and the Bible have been removed.

So, what do we do? Perhaps it is as easy as adopting the Golden Rule and taking care of each other, while at the same time, we harden the security in our schools and public spaces. When a child misbehaves he should be mentored and redirected with love, understanding and empathy, not treated like a criminal, embarrassed, ridiculed,  and ostracized. When a child has a mental illness, mandate treatment. The same goes for adults. Mandate mental health treatment for those that are a danger to themselves and others. Our mental health laws need reformed to make it easier for law enforcement, educators, relatives and friends to provide mandated mental health care to those that need it. Mental heath providers need to be better about providing the names of patients they deem dangerous, to NIKS, so that they cannot legally buy a gun. The school, the mental health providers, the law, friends and acquaintances of most of these mass shooters all knew these people were dangerous. Mental healthcare was not mandated and their names were not put on the No Buy list. Local Mental Health panels could be set up to protect the rights of mental health patients who have been forced into care.  Throwing drugs at a problem is not the answer. We start drugging our kids early and the mental health providers and health providers are very guilty of this. We parents are guilty for allowing it.  Our children and adults should be assisted in facing, coping and conquering their problems, not numbing them, forgetting them.

What can we do to enhance security in our schools? We must be able to trust schools to protect our children. Most schools have picture IDs. Why not make them with smart chips that can be scanned to enter the school? Why not use the old metal detectors and bag scanners from Government buildings and airports, at the entrances of all schools? Why not buzz visitors in after they are scanned and identified? Why not lock all doors to the outside, except the entrance door? Why not have armed security in our schools, including armed educators and why not have armed security in our public places, including armed citizens? Why not monitor the social footprint of troubled students and adults? Why not encourage reporting of concerning social network behavior? Why not make the schools smaller, so that everyone knows everyone else and cares about them? Why not teach our children ethics, morals, empathy, kindness and caring for others in the school? Why not teach the Golden Rule? Monsters are made, they are not born. Society, environment, creates the monsters who prey  on us today. Why not care for each other?





Dear Main Stream Media, Democrats and Big Government Republicans,

Dear Main Stream Media, Democrats and Big Government Republicans,

You watched as Barack Obama politically weaponized every bureaucracy and used them against his opposition. You watched as he used FISA to spy on Congress, the Media and their families and you watched as he used FISA to surveille  a presidential candidate, unmasked him, his family and his campaign members.  You watched while the weaponized bureaucracy exonerated the other presidential candidate after proving she was guilty as hell, had used an unsecure server for sensitive and classified State Department business, had destroyed government documents and devices and had endangered our security with her reckless hubris.

After watching all this, The media took a side, supported the Democrat candidate and gleefully reported every unverifed leak of misinformation the Obama Administration, Democrat leadership, foreign agent, Christopher Steele, GPS Fusion and Hillary Clinton camp fed them. Why did everyone of you say nothing? Why did you participate in such  unconstitutional and illegal acts? Why did you  allow yourselves to be used to destroy one Presidential Candidate  and undermine his Presidency? Why do you continue to push the story of Collusion when clearly there was none? Why do you ignore what Obama and Hillary did? Why did you endanger our Constitutional freedoms?  Why did you take a side, media? Why did you become propagandists and try to manipulate the public with lies, half truths and smearing innuendo? @CNN @MSNBC @ABC @CBS @NBC @washingtonpost @nytimes @yahoo @google @facebook @twitter @Hollywood @Academia

Why? Because all of you think that most Americans are not smart enough to govern themselves. You do not believe in the great American experiment for self governance, individual freedoms and sovereignty. In fact you have an elitist feeling of superiority over most of America. Your leaders, Barack Obama, disparaged us by saying we clung to our guns and God.  Just recently, an @FBI director called voters, ignorant hillbillies. That is what you think of us, media, academia, Democrats and big government bureaucrats and that is why you chose a side and said nothing as Barack Obama used the weaponized bureaucracies  to silence and deny the rights of conservatives and the faithful.

The Obama administration subverted our laws and Constitution for political and ideological gains. You said nothing because you agreed with his vision. You believe in leftist elite government using the ever growing&abusive, unelected, authoritarian, global and Federal bureaucracies—because you, blinded by your narcissism and elitism, do not believe Americans are cable of governing ourselves. You, Media, Academia, Hollywood and Progressive Democrats believe You Know Best and you do not care what most Americans believe, think or want.  You shamefully believe that the ENDS justify any MEANS necessary, including subverting our laws and Constitutional liberties.


The Unnecessary Shutdown

Yes, Senator Schumer and Senator Durbin have misrepresented their conversations with President Trump for political gain.  Like so many other biased reports, Trump’s words are spun and manipulated negatively to undermine and demonize the Trump Administration and stop his America First Agenda. They have done this to distract from the amazing accomplishments of the Trump Administration’s first year. From the economic growth created because of the recent tax, regulatory and trade reforms to the DOW increases to the ACA rollbacks to the destruction of ISIS to his Peace thru Strength policy to his America First Agenda, Trump has kept his promises. He has delivered. Democrats, especially Chuck Schumer who has known Trump for decades,  know that Trump is not a racist, bigot or a jello brain, easily led dunce, changing his mind from moment to moment. They know Trump listens to his multitude of counselors, his advisers and then makes informed decisions. The Trump hating complicit media is only to glad to report the false accusations and unsubstantiated manipulated leaks. Trump does not play political games. He does not spread lies, half truths or use smearing innuendo to stop his opponents, like Dems and their complicit media do. He does not speak out of both sides of his mouth like the politically correct political class. Trump is an unfiltered blunt speaker. So what?
Clearly Democrats are stopping the funding of our government by not allowing a vote on the CR and they have been doing it since the House passed the 12 appropriations bills to fund the government in September 2017. That is why the Senate is trying to pass a one month CR again. They are putting our nation at risk by not funding our military and border security. They are hurting our people, our families, who depend on having a government paycheck, including the families of those that defend us. They are so ungrateful to those that defend them, that work for them. They are using a funding bill, an appropriation bill to try to force America to accept their flawed DACA deal. Their DACA deal does not fully fund border security. Their DACA deal does not deport criminal immigrants or stop the insanity of sanctuary cities, that put our citizens and immigrants at such risk.
Trump and his security experts have said we need $1.8 Billion every year for 10 years for border security, including a real wall where need. They also said that we need to stop the drugs, the violence, the human trafficking and other disgusting business of the foreign drug cartels and criminal cartels. They are harming our people. Trump and his Immigration experts have said that we need to secure our border or we will face another crisis from illegal immigration 30 yrs from now, another 40+Million illegal immigrants. That 11 million illegal count, as well as the 800,000 Dreamer count is not true. The Undocumented numbers are much larger and Democrats know it. Democrats know that most Republicans, most of the American people and President Trump support a path to citizenship for the law abiding Dreamers. They have assimilated. They have American families. They have been educated in America. They have jobs that support them. Dreamers are a good fit for America.
America wants to keep our Dreamers and Dems know that a path to citizenship for them will be in the March Immigration Reform bill, but they have decided to exploit them one last time, for political gain, to distract from Trumps accomplishments and to maybe distract from the very real revelations of Corruption and abuse of power in the Obama Administration and in the Hillary Clinton camp,  regarding the political use of FISA.& a politically weaponized bureaucracy, including the FBI and DOJ,  against Americans. Obama spied on Congress and the media to intimidate, to extort and to silence.  He spied on Trump World to manipulate the election and he used the bureaucracy to undermine the Trump Presidency.    #ReleaseTheMemo 
President Trump wants a Merit based Immigration Department. He wants permanent solutions, not temporary executive actions or failure to enforce our laws. He wants an end to the reckless diversity lottery and he wants a reduction in Chain Migration with only nuclear families allowed. He wants a thorough vetting of all immigrants. Trump and most Americans want an Immigration System that answers our nation’s economic needs and our refugee responsibilities. He recognizes that most illegal immigrants are fleeing oppression, violence and poverty. He recognizes they are more refugee than regular immigrant and they are here because they want a better life for themselves and their families.  Trump and most Americans support work permits for law abiding illegal immigrants, recognizing we will need all immigrant workers that are here as well as our citizens to fill the jobs created because the recent tax, regulation and trade reforms. Economic growth is needed to pay the nation destroying debt down. Economic growth is needed to fund our government. Economic Growth is needed to pursue the common sense policy of Peace through Strength. Economic Growth is needed for upward mobility for all Americans so that all Americans can pursue their American Dream. If Dems continue their obstruction and resistance, the Senate should revert to majority rules, the nuclear option. We cannot continue to allow Democrats to hurt our people.

The NFL has become a tool .a political weapon, a political dupe, of the radical left who have deceived our people over and over again..

The NFL has become a tool .a political weapon, a political dupe, of the radical left who have deceived our people over and over again….all to force their marxist vision on the land of the free.
There was no innocent Trayvon in Sanford. He was bashing the neighborhood watchman’s head into the sidewalk when he was shot and killed. It was self defense.There was no Hands up Dont Shoot in Ferguson. There was a wanna be thug bully who used his weight and muscled body to attack a policeman,walked off and then turned around and charged to finish him off. It was self defense. There was no choke hold that killed an illegal cigarette seller. There were policemen carrying out the mayors orders and a very large large man who died of pre existing health issues because of his resistance to arrest. There is no inherent racism in America. There is no inherent police brutality. Obama lied. The Democrat leadership lied. The media lied. Trump is not a racist. He has denounced White Supremacists and the KKK and all hate groups, but I heard a kneeling student say the opposite this morning. Did he get that misinformation from home, his school , the deceitful media or his peers?
The radical leftist groups and progressive media lied. Why? What is their agenda. We just have to look at how Obama governed by executive orders and thru our politicized bureaucracies to know what their goal is. You just have to look at the Brussels EU model.to know what the elites want to force on all of us.  I call the plan,  a Modern Day Serfdom from the #WeKnowBestCrowd….. where the elite dictate/rule using the unelected authoritarian Global and Federal bureaucracies. It is a grab for power and profit by leftist elites and you NFL are being used as a tool to destroy America’s Foundations.
To all the NFL members, Your kneeling is disrespectful and demeaning to the flag and anthem that represents our great nation.our people, our defenders and our protectors..It is not Trump who is our nation’s enemy. I am sure every one of you has called someone an SOB before and I am sure you have  called someone else an SOB as well.
  It is the lies and disinformation of the left and the uneducated masses who do not know what our Constitution and Declaration of Independence say, what they mean and our who do not know our true history. Our Founding Documents and our laws allow all Americans the tools to right the wrongs our government and our people do. And over the last two centuries we have done that. There is no other nation that has a Constitution that  has those tools, those protections for their people and those limitations of government power.  
Our enemy is the left and the people who believe their lies enough to become a tool to destroy our nation. Obama, the leftist agitators, the liberal media and the Democrat Leadership divided our nation, picked the healing scab of racism, caused social disruption and violence and they caused us to disrespect and distrust each other with their deceitful inciting rhetoric.. Our Constitution defines us, unites us. Our laws, our Founding Documents allow us all to have the opportunity to prosper and live free.
Look at what the Democrats have done to our inner cities after decades of their incompetence, corruption and leftist propaganda. Now the Democrats seek to use our new immigrants as political weapons, as political sacrificial pawns, just like they did our Black inner city families, leaving them in neighborhoods filled with violence, government dependence, high unemployment and failed schools. Thomas Jefferson told us that we could only keep our Republic free with an educated populace. That is why the Democrats allow failing schools and protect corrupt, criminal incompetent teachers and Administrative officials. That is why the left has infected Academia and media. Our children are getting more lessons filled with anti American propaganda, marxist lessons and anti Christian lessons. Our nation is based on Judeo/Christian beliefs. No one can deny that. I won’t be watching or spending my money on the NFL franchise. Appeasement to the intimidation and extortion of the left and surrender to peer pressure will end bad for you. The left will always demand more. Look at how they are silencing free speech on our campuses thru intimidation, extortion and violence…I imagine they will demand the NFL not play our National Anthem at games, next, and your ungrateful kneelers will continue to forget the fact that this is the only nation that would ever provide them with the opportunity to have the privileged life they have. ..A divided nation can be defeated.

Regarding the healthcare monies being bloc granted back to the states.

Regarding the healthcare monies being bloc granted back to the states.


If I understand this right, this bill continues to collect most of the ACA taxes,and removes most of the mandates, but block grants the money back to the states in a fair and just manner. Why not sunset the ACA in three years? This would give the states time to organize and implement their heath care services and fund them. Adding a sunset will also encourage the states to use fiscal sanity while providing good service to their people. Replacing our tax code with a flat lower tax on everyone,including business,getting rid of the inheritance tax , free repatriation investment monies, along with continued trade and regulator reforms will create the great jobs that puts all Americans and immigrants back to work and will provide healthcare benefits that will decrease medicaid and subsidized healthcare rolls.

The lies that started the ignorant disrespectful kneeling at sports events.

What were the lies that started the ignorant disrespectful kneeling protests at sports events?  It all began after Barack Obama and the Democrats told America and the world that America was an inherently racist nation and our law enforcement brutalized our black families and immigrant families. Nothing could be further from the truth, but the lies continued, starting with the Florida Trayvon death. Despite being found not guilty, the court of public opinion,incited by our President lies, demonized and harassed a man for defending himself. How many times do you allow a wanna be thug teenager to bash your head into the sidewalk before you shoot him? Then came the Ferguson event. Despite a court saying it was self defense& Brown used his substantial body as a weapon, the court of public opinion, again incited by our President, demonized and harassed the policeman.  Having beat on the policeman once and trying to gain possession of the gun, Brown turned and charged to finish the policeman off.  The policeman shot him in self defense, but Obama and the Democrats made it a race and police brutality issue.There was NO “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”. After that, came the Garner case in NYC. Mayor DeBlasio insisted that the police shut down the sale of black market cigarettes. Garner died while the police tried to enforce DeBlasio’s stupid order. Garner was so unhealthy, he did not survive his own resistance to the arrest. There was no choke hold and yet our President lied and incited our people with half truths and smearing innuendo.  And finally, the prosecutor in Baltimore insisted the police clean up the sale of drugs on the city street corners. The police arrested a known drug dealer, who was high and tossed himself about so that he could claim police brutality, like he had done before. The activist prosecutor charged the policemen, but all six were found not guilty. Again, despite a court saying the police were innocent, Obama and his ban of Democrat agitators incited the mob to violence with their deceitful rhetoric filled with lies, half truths and innuendo.

What were the results of Obama’s lies? He imposed more Federal oversight and regulations on our police departments, more centralized government. He divided our nation. He caused our people to disrespect, distrust the police officers that protect them. He caused violent, destructive protests and riots with his lies.  He and Democrats did the same with our immigrant populations.  Why would he do this? Why would Barack Obama and Democrat leadership divide and destabilize our nation? Because he and they are Marxist Revolutionaries, that is why. Obama and Democrats seek to replace our self governance, representative government, individual rights and sovereignty with governance by leftist elites using unelected, authoritarian Global and Federal Bureaucracies. We have only to look at how Obama governed to know that this is true. Barack Obama used the bureaucracies as political weapons against his opposition, including the DOJ, IRS,FBI, ATF and FISA powers.

As for the ignorant kneelers who disrespect our flag, our anthem, our people,our military, our law enforcement  and our nation with their protest built on the lies of Obama, sadly, they are the useful idiots of the marxist revolutionaries. Shamefully, the NFL kneelers chose to demonize our nation at a world event in London today.  As for the owners  and managers again appeasing the radical left’s bullying, reap what you have allowed. Loss of revenue. I wont be watching sports and I wont be paying for a seat. Goodbye. America is rejecting  the unwholesomeness and unpatriotic views of the professional players who continually insult those that defend them, both here and abroad. The entitled kneelers are ungrateful to a nation that defends them and gives them the opportunity to succeed.  When the kneelers show respect and allegiance to their nation, I will forgive them. For now, I have no patience with them. .

Immigration Reform

Regarding DACA: For eight years, we had a President who told our bureaucracies to not enforce our laws, including our Immigration Laws. For eight years we had a President who made his own laws by executive orders. Why our Judiciary and Congress allowed this unconstitutional behavior, I do not know. Indeed for decades, Congress has ignored the need to modernize our Immigration system and make it more merit based and answer our economic needs in an efficient and timely manner . Legislating is Congress’ job. They need to do their job. We cannot continue to ignore our Constitution and laws or we will lose our Republic. It is causing nation destroying anarchy, division, destabilization and distrust.
President Obama stopped Congress from legislating a Dreamer law and he unconstitutionally gave us a temporary DACA executive memo.What is that? It is an order to ignore our laws, our Constitution, that is what that is. Obama and the Democrats have shamefully used undocumented immigrant children and their parents as political weapons and political sacrificial pawns, in their partisan and ideological war against Republicans, Conservatives and Constitutional adherents.
It is Congress that makes law. If Congress wants our Immigration system changed, then they need to do the work and pass those laws. It is clear that America is stronger with immigrant children who are educated here. It is clear that America is better off with employed, tax paying, independent law abiding immigrants. If I were Congress, I would give citizenship to the children, to the Dreamers. I would also make sure every adult Dreamer and every American High School Senior takes the citizenship test. Our people need to be educated about what our Constitution,our Declaration of Independence and our History says. We are a diverse nation of many races, many religions, many social beliefs , that is united under the mandates in our Founding Documents. We must not ignore them. Much of the Social unrest in our nation goes on because our people are ignorant about who we are, what our Founding Documents really say and mean, what our laws are. I would also, give work permits to all law abiding, self supporting, undocumented immigrants. If they want citizenship, they need to go to the back of the line. All criminal immigrants, foreign gang members, foreign cartel members, must be deported. They hurt and prey on our people and our immigrants. Our immigration system needs to answer our economic needs and work in a timely efficient and just manner. That means,new immigration and citizenship comes after Americans are fully employed.

Tax Code Replacement

Regarding the Tax code Reforms. If Congress would stop worrying about what the special interests want and stop taking election donations from said special interests, passing a new tax code would be a whole lot easier. A 15% tax on all income and profits over $35,000 with NO subsidies, NO deductions would be fair for everyone, individual and businesses alike. Add free repatriation for overseas profits that are used for job creation, building infrastructure, funding research and development. We also should get rid of the inheritance tax. The middle class should be able to pass on wealth to the next generation, just like the rich do. It is stupid that we have an overly complicated incomprehensible tax code that costs so much for compliance. .How many people and business have been litigated and fined because they did not understand the tax code? How many people and business have been litigated and intimidated for partisan and ideological reasons? Clearly the IRS footprint and power needs to be reduced.  It is too powerful and has been used as a political weapon against our people.

DACA and Immigration Reform

Regarding DACA: For eight years, we had a President who told our bureaucracies to not enforce some of our laws, including our Immigration Laws. For eight years we had a President who made his own laws by executive orders. Why our Judiciary and Congress allowed this unconstitutional behavior, I do not know. Legislating is Congress’ job. President Obama stopped Congress from legislating a Dreamer law and he unconstitutionally gave us a temporary DACA executive order. Obama and the Democrats haves shamefully used the immigrant children and their parents as political weapons and political sacrificial pawns, in their partisan and ideological war against Republicans, Conservatives and Constitutional adherents.

It is Congress that makes law. If Congress wants our Immigration system changed, then they need to do the work and pass those laws. It is clear that America is stronger with immigrant children who are educated here. It is clear that America is better off with employed, tax paying, independent law abiding immigrants. If I were Congress, I would give citizenship to the children, to the Dreamers. I would also make sure every adult Dreamer and every American High School Senior takes the citizenship test. Our people need to be educated about what our Constitution,our Declaration of Independence and our History really says. Much of the Social unrest in our nation goes on because our people are ignorant about who we are. I would also, give work permits to all law abiding immigrant workers. If they want citizenship, they need to go to the back of the line. Our immigration system needs to answer our economic needs, merit based. That means, immigration and citizenship comes after Americans are fully employed.