Obama and gun control

There is no doubt that Obama would like to confiscate our guns. He has tried to raise the costs and reduce the availability of our ammo. He has tried to ID every legal gun owner. He has tried to stop the sale of large clips and semi automatics. What will he try now? Instead of addressing the causal problems of mental health care, drug crimes and violence, and terrorism, he put all his eggs in one basket and tries to deny second amendment rights to law abiding citizens. The guns are in the population. Criminals will get the guns in the underground economy. They don’t obey our laws. Unless Obama is willing to go from house to house and confiscate our guns, criminals will always have guns. Obama’s bullheaded way will just result in an unarmed law abiding population and a heavily armed criminal population. Law enforcement shows up after crimes are committed. We are on our own until they arrive to help us. Obama has his Secret Service, the rich have their armed security and Congress has their armed security paid for by we the taxpayer, but in Obama’s vision regular American citizens will be helpless and undefended. How is that fair? How is that just? There are things that can be done. Number one, strengthen the NICS program, encourage our mental healthcare providers to report violent mentally ill people, mandate that law enforcement enter violent criminals names in a timely manner, and allow regular gun owners to do background checks on gun buyers–internet buys have a middle man, the local gun shop. Guns are sent to the gun shop and buyers have a background check before they can pick the paid for gun up. Allow law enforcement, mental health officials, teachers, doctors, friends, employers and parents of adult children to work together and force mental health services on violent and potentially violent mentally ill people. Maybe set up a panel of mental health officials in each county to decide forced commitments, with monthly reviews to protect the patient. Each forced commitment patient would be assigned an advocate. One more thing regarding mental health, STOP medicating our children. Instead of working with patients, assisting them with issues, we medicated them and we shamefully do this with children.  So what if a child needs more time to learn, focus and not be disruptive? Work with him, don’t medicate him. Drugs are for the adult’s peace of mine, not for the child’s benefit.  Make a federal law that says you get 5-10 years for doing a crime with a gun and…enforce it. Cities and states have those laws, but they are not enforcing it. Also, make a concerted national effort to kick out the Mexican drug cartel members. As for terrorism, just increase the reporting of potential terrorists to the local and state officials. The FBI knew about the Boston bomber. They did not tell Boston. The guns are here. We need to do a better job of keeping them out of the hands of the violent . I don’t understand our President. He does not fix our problems, he just demonizes law abiding citizens, divides one group against another and creates hate, discontent, chaos and disruption. 

My open letter to President Putin

President Putin, I never figured you for a fool. Has your arrogance caused you to believe that you can control the barbaric supremacist fanatical regime in Iran ? They believe that their god has charged them to hasten the end times for the return of their Mahdi and his Caliphate. They may devour you last, but they will devour you. They are religious fanatics, a death cult. There can be no reasoning with that kind of insanity. Their goal is to subjugate, convert, enslave or murder all of us. I don’t see you consenting to any of their goals. You might want to rethink propping up President Assad. He clearly has subjugated himself to Iran and the Ayatollahs. So has the  Iraqi Shite government. Iran has funded and promoted in terrorism for years, even in your nation. They don’t seem to care if it is Shite or Sunni terrorists either, as there is proof that they assisted, maybe funded, Bin Laden and even harbored his terrorist son after 911. I urge you again to rethink your current path. You have made a deal with evil and it will destroy you. The world cannot coexist with Radical Islam and it’s barbaric supremacist theology, whether it is Shite Islamists like Iran or Sunni Islamists, like DAESH/ISIS . Radical Islam is an existential threat to us all, including Russia. You need to recognize that and realign yourself. Like I said, that monster may eat you last, but they still intend to eat you.

Defund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood. The Dems defend their meal ticket by trying to muddy the waters and deflecting from the real issue. So what if part of the video was not from Planned Parenthood? So what if it was edited. The audio indicted them. The witness to the live harvest said she witnessed it at Planned Parenthood. The doctors and Planned Parenthood personnel did say the horrible things they did. Johnson and Johnson, the banks and the other corporations mentioned, do not engage in the Mengele like atrocities that Planned Parenthood did and continues to do. Much of their government money goes back into Democrat funds. Planned Parenthood is laundering funds for the Democrat party. How corrupt is that? There are no walls between abortion funds and other funds. . The money is fungible. Also, there is no doubt this is a for profit organization and should not have half it’s budget paid for by the American taxpayer. Take the Panned Parenthood funds and Block grant those over $500 million in women’s healthcare funds to the states. Allow the states to allocate the funds to whom they deem fit. Just like in the beginning with Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood is in our poor neighborhoods to control the unwanted population. We have deceived our people into committing their own genocide. Now that we can see the fetus is a baby and not the blob of tissue that they told us it was, we need to educate our communities. It is the individual that makes the abortion choice. We should provide that individual with the true facts and support services they need, from economic assistance to adoption services. The barbaric videos reveal what abortion is and what harvesting fetal tissue is. We can’t allow taxpayer money to go to an organization like this, not matter what good they do. We can’t overlook this horrific part of Planned Parenthood.

Dear Pope Francis, what if climate change is God’s work to provide for us, not man’s abuse of the land?

Dear Pope Francis, What if it is God not man who is increasing carbon dioxide, increasing the temperature, and melting the ice.? These are all things that are needed to increase our food supply and provide water for our people. Water is finite. We cannot increase what is here. It may be liquid, solid or gas, but it cannot be increased. We need more water for drinking and irrigating . We need more farmland. We will have an estimated 10 billion people on earth to support at the end of this century. What if the climate change is God’s work? I agree that we must be good stewards of the earth and do our best not to pollute or abuse. I believe in letting our farmland rest every 7 years and in using more organic farming methods. I believe in individuals and small farms providing for local needs, but until the third world can feed their own, the US must continue with our mega farms to provide for them. I agree those that are given plenty, have a duty to provide for others, but I do not believe we must have a big oppressive government to do that. What if the change in our climate is God providing for us? The climate has changed in the past and it was for the betterment of our people

Dear Pope Francis, What if the change in our climate is God’s work, not man’s abuse?

Dear Pope Francis, What if it is God not man who is increasing carbon dioxide,  increasing the temperature, and melting the ice.?  These are all things that are needed to increase our food supply and provide water for our people.  Water is finite. We cannot increase what is here. It may be liquid, solid or gas, but it cannot be increased. We need more water for drinking and irrigating . We will have an estimated  10 billion people on earth to support at the end of this century. What if the climate change is God’s work? I agree that we must be good stewards of the earth and do our best not to pollute or abuse. I believe in letting our farmland rest every 7 years and in using more organic farming methods. I believe in individuals and small farms providing for local needs, but until the third world can feed their own, the US must continue with our mega farms to provide for them.  I agree those that are given plenty, have a duty to provide for others, but I do not believe we must have a big oppressive government to do that. What if the change in our climate is God providing for us? The climate has changed in the past and it was the for the betterment of our people.

My open letter to Rep Paul Gosar who plans to boycott Pope Francis

Mr. Gosar, I urge you to go to the Congress today and to listen to the Pope Francis. He wants us to be good stewards of the earth. We all agree with that. He does not say how to do that. I agree Obama wants to use that issue to force his Marxist policies on us and the world. I want to exploit our natural resources to the max so that we are energy independent and we can export to our allies so that they will not be dependent on Russia and the Middle East for their energy. I want to use that extra revenue to lead an economic recovery like no other. Along with reg and tax reforms , our nation will create the jobs we need to employ all our citizens and immigrants. We can use some of the extra revenue to find cheap, abundant and efficient energy sources and the new innovations we will need to support the estimated 10 billion people on the earth by the end of this century. A twofer fix, as long as we secure our borders and we reform our immigration department to answer our economic needs and refugee responsibilities, while working in an efficient, just and fiscally sane manner. Pope Francis has chided his Cardinals on the sin of Arrogance. I think the President heard that too. Pope Francis met with the Little Sisters of the Poor and he has spoke about the importance of religious liberty. I am not a Catholic, but the Pope has always been a moral beacon for most of the world. Please do not act like the Democrats. Please be respectful and attend the Pope’s address. We know the left will twist and use the Pope’s words to support their insane anti American agenda. It would be best if you and all of us heard Pope’s words and intonation, so that you and we can say what he really said and what he meant. Don’t let pride keep you from hearing the Pope’s message and representing you constituents on this important day.

My open letter to Pope Francis

Dear Pope Francis,

I pray you know that your climate change, take care of the poor and immigration homily will be use by the left against our people to force Marxist policies on us. Our President and his Party are Marxists and they will use your words to force regulations, taxes and dangerous immigration policies on our nation. Americans have the cleanest air on the planet. Why not sell our clean air technology to the world instead of lowering our standard of living by regulating and taxing fossil fuels out of existence. Capitalism and fossil fuels have raised more people out of poverty than any economic policies to date .Our nation is working to find abundant, cheap and efficient alternate energy sources for us and the world. Why not use the extra revenue from an increased exploitation of our vast natural resources instead of beggaring our people and forcing the world to buy energy from the bad actors of this planet? Reducing our economic activity and revenues will just assure there will be no money for innovation. I am convinced that we will have those new alternative energies in 20 yrs and they will benefit the whole world. Solar and wind technologies are highly subsidized, use too much water and just not efficient enough for mass production, though many of us support individuals using it. Increasing the costs for energy thru attrition, tax and regulations will hurt the most vulnerable among us and with our $19Trillion debt&$400 annual deficit adding to it, our government will not be able to help and the private sector will have less to assist . Why kill the golden goose and make us just another oppressive, impoverished Marxist nation in the world? What kind of a President would do that to his people who he promised to defend? Our government has corrupted a minority of the corporate world thru their unholy alliances. Government/corporate greed and criminal cronyism thrive under Marxism and it has grown under this Administration. Marxism knows that it must destroy our foundations, our economy and social infrastructure . That is why we are seeing the denial of religious rights in this nation, promotion of abortion, infanticide, government assisted suicide, out of wedlock births, divorce, divisive rhetoric that pits one group of Americans against another and that is why we have the increasing debt, increased growth in government bureaucracies, abusive regulations and taxes on our businesses, who are after all our employers. President Obama deceived us and hid behind American loving platitudes and shut down dissent/inquiry by race baiting accusations. We saw a happy family man with a wonderful family and a man that loved his country and supported our Constitution and our Founding Father’s vision of what America should be. He is none of that. He is a Sal Alinsky community organizing agitator who has caused division and instability not only in our nation but around the world. He truly is the great deceiver. The communist world steals our innovation, our technology. Why? Because when you do not insure the God given freedoms that our Constitution protects, minds do not soar and find the new technologies needed to support the estimated 10 billion people living on this earth at the end of this century. As for the illegal immigrants. Given these perilous times, most Americans just want our borders secured, we want everyone ID’d with work permits, we want the felony criminals, the pedophiles, the drug cartels ,their product , the terrorists and the gangs thrown back into the nation they came from. We want tax& regulatory reforms that will create the jobs and revenue needed to support everyone and give them the promise of the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness mandated in our Constitution–to all citizens and all immigrants. We want to be that shining example to the world and to our own people. We want to welcome the Christian and Yazzidis refugees. Our President has some in deportation camps. Why? We have sponsors and churches to help them assimilate and get jobs&housing&education. Teach a man to fish and he will support himself. Encouraging generational government welfare dependence just insures increasing generational poverty. Instead our President is going to force 10,000+muslim refugees and millions of muslim immigrants on us. Because of the Sharia and supremacist doctrine of Islam, some of our Muslim immigrants are not assimilating well in the land of religious liberty. I pray you will see thru President Obama’s and all those on the left, deceptions. I am glad you came. It was good to see and hear from you. Come back soon. We pray this next election will see that we elect a man/woman with the wisdom, the courage and the intellect to lead and unite this nation to work toward returning it to our Founder’s vision for America. I believe our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution were divinely guided. How else do you explain such perfection from flawed men? I invite you to read both, if you have not. They made us a very unique nation. We just haven’t lived by them, faithfully. Thank you again for coming. God Bless you. God reveal His truth to you and God give you the courage, the wisdom and the knowledge to do His will. I pray this for my family, myself and the world everyday.

The Pope should know his doctrine is being used by the left to advance their marxist vision for America.

Marxism has always brought oppression and poverty to the people. Marx said that socialism leads to communism, his ultimate goal for a perfect government. Mao pretty well perfected that ideal, didn’t he? There was a whole lot of sacrifice for the greater good in China. True Capitalism–not the bastardized social justice capitalism of today– has lifted more people out of poverty than any form of economics today. I have no problem with the Pope addressing his share your wealth concept to individuals. It is individuals we will face God and it is as individuals that we will be judged by Him. Caesar should be controlled by moral individuals. The Pope should know that his doctrine is being used by the left, to advance and support their Marxist vision for America. With that crack about serving one another and not an ideology, I think does. I pray he does not support that leftist ideology.

My open letter to Lindsey Graham regarding his opportunistic attack of Ben Carson

Lindsey Graham has proven that he is a true member of the political class when he attacked Ben Carson regarding his stand on having a Muslim American President. He knew Carson was right. He knows we cannot have a Muslim President at this time. He  knows that most Muslims–even American Muslims— are taught the same supremacist Islamic doctrine and this is the reason it is just a short jump to embracing the 600AD barbarity of ISIS for their young people, especially the boys. Shame on Senator Graham for being an opportunistic political hack. I am with Ben. I would not vote for a Muslim at this time. Most of America would not vote for a Muslim at this time. We know, most of Islam has a supremacist belief that is not compatible with our Constitution. Maybe someday when Islam or at least American Islam has modernized, excepts that 600AD men were men of their time–we cannot except that barbarity in this time– and denies Sharia law and fundamentalist supremacy. Ben did not say that it was not constitutional for a Muslim to become President. He said it was not a good idea and he would not support it at this time. Do we want a pie in the sky ideologically driven, politically correct President or do we want an honest, common sense President who will use logic and reality to lead our nation? Do we want a man with good judgement and moral clarity or do we want the insanity of political correctness .

Defund Planned Parenthood

The videos don’t lie. Democrats are willing to ignore the harvesting of viable fetuses, there was one tech that said she witnessed the harvesting of a live fetus, the selling of harvested fetus’ parts for profit, and the aborting of fetus without anesthetic even though it is known they feel pain. This sounds like some atrocities that Mengele would have done. Why not give the monies to more reputable women’s healthcare facilities? Because Planned Parenthood does some good, it does not accuse the inhumane acts they are guilty of. Truth be told Planned Parenthood is a money laundering organization that funnels taxpayer money to the Democrat Party. That is why the Democrats will not deny Planned Parenthood funding. That is why the Democrats will recklessly shut our government down and endanger the health of our nation. As for the amount of money saved–that is way wrong. Our entitlement system is giving Planned Parenthood 500 million plus every year. That will take some time to fix, because it is baked into the ACA and other bureaucracies.  People need to realize that original mandate was not to help women, it was to reduce the unwanted populations. Abortion is the tool of that genocide. The Founder of Planned Parenthood was Margaret Sanger. She was a racist Eugenics nutcase who made it her goal to fool Blacks and other minorities into committing their own genocide.  It is still the goal of the elite, today.