Mass Immigration crisis-My letter to Speaker Boehner

Dear Mr.Speaker, Rep.Posey, Sen Rubio, and Senator Nelson
I urge you to secure the border with National Guard troops, drone surveillance and move the Border Patrol back to the border–45 miles from the Border is Stupidly dangerous. Finance this, until Border Patrol numbers are increased. The family units are being assisted and reunited with families in America, by charitable and religious groups. Put the care of the unaccompanied children in their hands also, after making sure they are healthy and ensuring they have been vaccinated. On that issue, We need to make sure all immigrants released into our nation are healthy and vaccinated, also. Our Federal government, working with state and local governments need to make sure that the families where the children are placed are safe havens . Their families paid their passage north, they can support them. Known gang members, potential terrorists and other felony criminals should be left in government internment centers until deportation hearings and should never be released into our country by ICE. Mexico should be informed that America will except NO more illegal immigrants from their border. The 2008 OTM sex trafficking law should be the same as the Mexican and Canadian law regarding illegal immigrants. Mexico will shut their southern border, lickity split.
I urge you to do nothing else, regarding immigration reform, until everyone in the US has an American issued photo ID. This ID would have to be used for all employment, all educational opportunities, all financial transactions, all housing transactions and all government transactions.  America needs to know who is here. This is a security issue. Most of our schools already have a picture ID for children and adults.
I further urge you to not to pass any other immigration reform until you replace the taxcode with a consumption tax and you reform and simplify regulations to be both business friendly and consumer protective.
A consumption tax on all goods and services, including exports would solve many of this nation’s problems. Consumer prices would drop. Revenues would increase. Everyone would support our government—all citizens, all immigrants,all visitors, all foreign students and all foreign consumers=== and voters would have skin in the game when entering the voting booth. The IRS will never be used as a political and ideological weapon again. There will be fewer lobbyists, corporate welfare and corrupt cronyism . Government welfare would decrease to a miniscule amount. Businesses, both domestic and abroad would pay no tax on money invested in job creation, business infrastructure, innovation and research. Otherwise, both business and corporate tax would be 10%.
Reforming the tax and regulatory codes will create a fully employed  and prosperous America, allow all of us, Immigrant and citizen alike, to achieve our American dream and support ourselves, balance the budget and pay off the dangerous, nation killing, freedom stealing debt. A fully employed and prosperous America will welcome immigrants again, just as we did in the 90s.
After tax and regulatory reforms and after we are fully employed, it will be time to reform our broken immigration system, making it work efficiently, justly and able to supply our nation’s needs. The former IRS agents will be very good at keeping track and the documenting of immigrants, visitors, and foreign students and enforcing our immigration laws. Immigration should fast track the reunification of immediate family groups, spouses and children should be together.
I hope the House’s immigration bill does not build more internment camps and I hope it does not give Homeland Security a blank check. I hope you designate where the monies go. Bottom line, for now, the border needs to be secured and we need to keep immigrants from making that horrific abusive journey north thru Mexico.  That is the emergency. That is the crisis.



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