Did Obama support a Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate

Lately, I  have been hearing a lamenting for the old guard in the Middle East who kept the area stabilized. That is just amoral nutz. While I think Mubarak was coming around to a more democratic normalcy and that Arab spring was more a Muslim Brotherhood grab for power than freedom for the people, Kadaffi and Sadaam were still the insane despots they always were. You would think America would have learned not to get in bed with despots, but no that is just what we have done  in the past–all to stabilize an area with resources we and the west want.  Radical Islamists are the enemy of the world. The world cannot coexist with their barbaric supremacist theological cult. An Islamist Caliphate is a death knell for individual freedom and modern civilization. If I am right, Obama and the State Department encouraged a Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate with barbaric Sharia Laws to stabilize the Middle East. That is why Obama supported and assisted the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power in Egypt. He even invited the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters in America to the WhiteHouse and to this day, he uses them as Middle Eastern advisors. How crazy is that? That is why Obama waited until the Islamists were entrenched in Syria before he wanted to bomb Assad and arm/train the rebels. That is why he is playing footsie with Turkey and Erdogan’s forcing Sharia on his people and Erdogan’s support of ISIS. Benghazi probably happened because the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood connection was ignored. That is why the UAE and Egypt didn’t tell the US that they were bombing the Islamists in Libya, last week. Moderates in Islam do not trust us to be a force for good in the Middle East.  Sharia is evil. It is a way to enslave and control people with religious cultish fervor and it has been used for hundreds of years to control and impoverish middle eastern populations, while their rulers rape the land of it’s riches. No wonder Obama has no great plan to destroy ISIS and other radical islamist cults around the world, he is conflicted as to what peaceful Islam is. Why he cannot see the evil of radical islam, I do not know. What is so hard about calling their “Convert, subjugate yourself to barbaric Sharia or be murdered mantra”, evil” What is so hard about calling “convert&become a slave bride or we will rape you daily until you die”, mantra as evil? What is so hard about saying we cannot coexist with the radical islamists? If our President does not see the true evil of radical islam, we and the world are doomed to suffer his schizophrenic beliefs and actions. And then there is Iran, a nation that wants a nuclear bomb and is ruled by insane mullahs. A apocalyptic nation that believes it can hasten the end times to force the return of the Mahdi. As for Hamas, why doesn’t the President and the State Department see that they too are radical islamists who are willing to sacrifice all Palestinians in their bloodlust war against Israel? Why can’t our President see that the Arab world has used and supported the terrorist organization, Hamas in their proxy war against Israel, for decades?  Perhaps the President has daddy issues and is conflicted about who is the good guy and who is the bad guy in the nation of Islam? Obama is certainly not comfortable in his own skin. He seems to be at war with himself, driven by his Father’s hate and distrust of the West and blinded by his leftist mentors hate for all things American. It remains to be seen if Obama is so repulsed by the barbaric progeny of the Muslim Brotherhood–The Muslim Brotherhood begat Al Qaida and Al Qaida beget ISIS,as well as other radical islamist cults– that he will see the true evil and incompatibility with the modern world of an Islamist Caliphate.


Violent Rage, Distrust&Disrespect killed Brown from Ferguson

Democrats have used the inner city communities for decades. They destroyed the economies of the big cities with their corrupt criminal governance. For their loyal bloc vote, the inner city communities have seen increased illiteracy, unemployment, crime, violence and drugs in their neighborhoods. What do you wanna bet there are payoffs to government officials from the drug cartels? Having destroyed the inner city communities, Democrats and leftist activists are now fostering violent rage, distrust and disrespect for authority, police, the rule of law and it’s bureaucracy,other people and their property, while blaming whitey–ie Republicans– for the ills in the community. This violent rage, distrust and Disrespect killed Brown and Trayvon. All this to force leftist change thru the chaos and lawlessness of the mob they have incited. How many more will die and how many more families will be destroyed because of the Democrats utopian madness. Never let a crisis go to waste is the Democrat mantra. They create the crisis to exploit it. What scumbags the Democrats have become.

Why I blog. Why I speak up.

I blog because I am afraid that no one will speak up about the injustices in our world. If no one speaks up, evil will thrive. I pray everyday that it is not just me that speaks up and that there are many of me who see the horrible lies that are destroying us. The world seems upside down. Our government seems to have turned against us and sides with people and organizations that do not mean mankind well. Crony corrupt and incompetent Democratic leadership has ruined our cities, bankrupted their governments and left the people in ruin.  Decades of Democratic leadership and false promises  have left our inner cities with a government dependent people in increasing violent, crime filled and impoverished neighborhoods. Their leadership, Including the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jackson’s of this world and ever our President and our AG  encourage distrust and disrespectfulness of police and the rule of law. The same people, the same party that destroyed their cities and impoverished them are now inciting a mob mentality. Obama and his administration continually blame Bush, Republicans,Wall Street, big business,conservatives religion for the poverty and violence, but it is Progressives policies that are at the root of our problems in the inner city. Democrats are bringing the illiteracy, poverty and violence to the rest of America. Why would they hurt our nation and our people so? Why would Holder,our nations DOJ and the Governor of MO,Nixon and our President take the side of the mob and encourage  distrust for police, the DA and local and county officials where a white policeman shot a black man? There is more evidence that shows it was self defense and not murder. At least one witness has been proved a liar and a wanted criminal,but they still rev up the mob, ignoring evidence to the contrary that Brown was a violent bully and a thief,that he violently resisted arrest and rushed the policeman who shot him in defense. Brown was not unarmed.He weighed 300 pounds. He was the weapon. Why are they inciting the mob to riot? Why are they working with Al Sharpton to incite the mob across our nation? Why does Holder have an community action group that helps the mob organize, agitate and disrupt civil society?

The world is upside down overseas to and Obama has been like the lord of chaos and destruction. Obama removed our missile star wars program from Europe and Russia has invaded Crimea and is set to invade the Ukraine. Europe stands by, trying to placate the bear, because Russia supplies their energy. Obama knows that if he increased exploitation and exports of American energy, making us energy independent and Europe too, we could stop Russia, bankrupt her. He refuses to do so. Why? Obama also knows that the oil in the middle east funds our enemy Radical Islam and he still does not make our nation energy independent. Why? My God we are supporting our own genocide weapon. It is just not us. Hamas is supported by oil dollars in an Arab proxy war against Israel. The Arab nations and Hamas are sacrificing the Palestinian people in their proxy war against Israel and the world does not see this infamy. The UN constantly threatens Israel with war crimes. Europe has such an anti semitic culture hiding their prejudice and fanatical hatred behind so called anti Zionism. Our President and our Secretary of State condemn Israel’s heavy hand in defending themselves,never mention the constant missile barrage from Hamas. It makes no sense. We certainly don’t hold back when we drone terrorists and they are less armed then Hamas. I am sure there is a whole lot of collateral damage from our bombs, yet our government hypocrites decry the body count that Israel’s defensive measures cause.

Why did our government help the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt, knowing they are a terrorist organization? Why did our Government not support Egypt when they kicked out the Muslim Brotherhood after finding out that Sharia law was to be used to enslave them and Christians and other minorities were to be persecuted? Why did Obama invite the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s supporting organizations in America and CAIR to the White House? Why are they still advising the White House? Why is Huma Weiner associated with Hillary Clinton? Her family has major ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Why did Obama wait to arm and support the Syrian Rebels? Now they are infiltrated with radical islamists, including ISIS. Unfortunately, we are probably allowing our rebel support to go to the islamists. That is just crazy.

Why is Obama not securing our borders? It is not about the refugees and the immigrants, it is about keeping the terrorists, the drug cartels, the sex traffickers, the drugs, and the gangs out of America. This is just so reckless. My God his family could be hurt by this stupidity just as much as ours can. Has Obama no common sense?

Everyone knows that this continued over spending, over taxing, over regulating, over litigating  is going to bankrupt us and destroy our nation. The growth of the NSA, the spying and intimidation on our press and citizens, the intimidation of the politically correct militants and the civil militarization of much of government has frightened all of us.  The schools have no tolerance policies that intimidate, ridicule and make our children fearful, forcing their compliance and uniformity. The leftist militants are hurting our children for crying out loud.  The IRS and most of the other government bureaucracies have been used as political weapons against President Obama’s opposition to intimidate, to litigate, to bankrupt all conservative and religious groups into silence. That old adage of <When a people fear their government their is tyranny but when a government fears the people–there is freedom> is so true.

And then there is Iraq,ISIS and the other radical islamists. Obama has withheld help to Iraq, allowing ISIS to form a Caliphate thru Syria and Iraq. Only when the public found out that ISIS was murdering Christians and had them trapped on a mountain did Obama bomb them and stop them. Only after the public found out the ISIS had control of a damn that if blown up could drown millions did Obama lend bomb support to the Kurds to take it back. Here we find out that ISIS is committing genocide of Christians and forcing conversion to their perverted barbaric theology, raping and enslaving women and children and beheading people. They beheaded an American journalist and put the video up on U tube. Obama stepped on the presser by the Foley parents, made a public speech of condolence and outrage and seven minutes later went to a golf course on Martha Vinyards.  What kind of man do we have as President? How can he not see that the radical islamists have a world mission to convert, subjugate us all with Sharia laws and murder all those who will not. How can Obama not see that mankind is in a fight for it’s life against the most evil Supremacist theology the world has seen? How can Obama not see that it our duty and the world’s to destroy ISIS and all the radical islamist groups? How can he not see that the world needs to stop the teaching of this evil theology? We are in a fight for modern civilization. How does Obama not realize that? How can he not feel the burden of all those who are being murdered, tortured, raped and enslaved by radical islamists all over the world, while he golfs and parties with the elite?

The world is upside down.Common sense has flown the coup. I do not understand why an American President could do so poorly. This I do know. Obama is fast becoming the people’s enemy and he is the most dangerous man in America and the world. He is truly the lord of chaos and disruption. Sal Alinsky and Clowerd and Piven would be so proud their evil lessons live on.



Cspan asks” Should Obama go to Ferguson

No, both he and Holder should stay out of Ferguson and let the county court find justice and truth–along with the rest of the race hustlers–We all are seeing that Brown is not a victim. He is a violent bully and thief. America must face the truth and fix it, not continually harping on his victimhood. He is a victim but not of the police and not of the rule of law. He is a victim of decades of failed Progressive policies ,and corrupt criminal Democrat leaders which has led to poverty,dependence, anger, frustration and divisive political rhetoric that comes out effortlessly from both Obama and Holder’s mouth . Their change leads to our fair share of poverty and an elitist crony corrupt control of we the people. The inner city plight of bankruptcy, failed schools, increased criminal activity, bankruptcy, and more government dependence is coming to the suburbs if we do not stop this Progressive/communist/Marxist/statist/totalitarian insanity–every 50 years they change their name, but that hound dog don’t hunt in America. This is not an American movement. This is definitely anti American and anti Founding Father’s vision.

Cspan asks–How far do we go in fighting ISIS

All the way. Destroy them. Go it alone–if we must. Sooner or later the frightened world will have to stand against this killer ideology. This cancer is terminal and it will destroy modern civilization if we do not destroy it. The world sees the threat and even the Arab world will join us in this fight for survival, against not only ISIS but all the radical islamists groups. It should be noted that many in the Arab world allowed and encouraged this perverted theology to grow and they used radical islamists to fight in proxy wars with Israel and some nations even use Sharia laws to control their populations, while the rulers reaped their countries riches. Using the radical islamists to fight against Assad is just stupid on our part. Both are monsters, but Assad is a secular monster, he is not the theological and political bastard  monster  that threatens mankind’s existence. Radical Islam is a supremacist death cult, that will sacrifice all muslims and murder all who do not subjugate themselves to barbaric sharia laws and convert to their perverted version of  Islam. No sane person, no peaceful law abiding person signs up with radical islam. These are the world’s insane, the criminals, the zealots,the unrestrained haters, the fervent maniacal believers, the brainwashed acolytes, the barbarians and the monsters of societies all over the world. There is no coexistence with radical islam for any government, and people. They are the world’s enemy.

The next 2elections are crucial to our nation’s survival

It is going to take Libertarian majorities in both parties to fix this mess. The Dems have gone completely bonkers with this Progressive Statist Authoritarian agenda. My God they’re pursuing communist Marxist policies. Don’t they see that? Progressive/communist/Marxist policies always lead to poverty, persecution and enslavement of the people and only the government’s cronies have any quality of life with that path. The Republican insiders may be big government idiots, but they have not gone as far as bankrupting the US both economically and morally. It is the Libertarian voice that says we need to balance the budget, pay the dangerous debt off, reduce a the size of  Federal government thru privatization, attrition, and more efficient and timely management & increasing states rights, simplify the tax and regulatory codes and secure the borders before immigration reform, . It is Libertarians that have a common sense approach to government. It is Libertarians who have workable plans to make our nation a fully employed–both citizen and immigrant— nation. Our Constitution,Declaration of Independence and Founding documents, were written by people with Libertarian positions. Let’s return to their 1776 hopes and aspirations.

What we see in the inner city black community is comming to the suburbs

Distrust and disrespect for authority figures, law enforcement,the rule of law, and a complete violent disregard for other people’s rights and property and a lack of self control and personal responsibility is what killed Brown and Trayvon.  But what caused these anti social behaviors? What causes people to  feel like victims and feel they are entitled to lash out and take retribution? For Generations, the inner cities have voted for Democrats and what have they to show for it? More fair share,fair shot, blame whitey,blame banks,blame business, blame Wall Street, blame Republicans, blame blame blame, deflect, deflect, deflect, divisive empty rhetoric, Failed, violent schools, increased unemployment and government dependence and increased crime in their communities is what they got from Progressive policies and corrupt criminal leadership. Herman Cain had a plan to improve the economy and quality of life in the inner cities, but they rejected him for the KOOL guy, the rock star, the actor in the empty suit that spoke of hope and change in such soaring rhetoric and brought more of the same failed policies . The black community should have recognized who they were getting when Obama cancelled the scholarships to private schools for the poor in DC. Obama is an elitist, a statist.  He believes in sharing the poverty that his policies bring for the regular guy, while the governing elite, the academic leftist elite and the leftist cronies prosper on the backs of the worker–that’s us. The black community better wake up and look at the results of decades of Democrat leadership has brought for their people. I see a slow genocide of –how did the 50’s elitist leaders who believed in Eugenics put it–the undesirables? Margaret Sanger was a leader of that pack of jackals. Look at your abortion rates, Black Communities. Wake up, we’ve all been had by a globalist elite bunch of skunks who want to enslave us in poverty and violent chaos, oppressive political correctness, regulations, debt and taxes. .

Higher unemployment in the inner city black community

Today, I read that President Obama met with big business leadership. They were lobbying for increased visas for foreign workers, both high tech and manual laborers. Why? Our unemployment is so high. We citizens are becoming more dependent on government welfare. The great middle class is shrinking and the below poverty crowd is increasing.  Is Obama and corporate America giving up on us or are they destroying the American dream where a poor child can be successful and have a better quality of life then their parents thru hard work and education? Year after year, government burdens small business with more regulation, increased compliance costs and taxes, including the ACA. These are our employers and maybe we are the owners. Every year the costs of living increase and there is less left over for savings. Many of our workers would like full time work, but can only find part time work because of government’s burden on their employers. Many workers are working entry level jobs because that is who is hiring. 47 million Americans are on Food Stamps. The rest of America will be looking like the inner cities, soon, if this Progressive insanity does not stop. Democrats have ruined the inner cities with their social justice crap. Without jobs,without revenue, many big cities are bankrupt and run by corrupt bureaucrats and job killing unions. Sharing in the poverty that Marxist policies bring and being governed by a uber wealthy Academic leftist elite is not American. The people in the inner city have become a hopeless, government dependent and uneducated population trapped inside a violent and criminal underground feeling more angry, more distrustful, more disrespectful, disillusioned and more self destructive every day . 

Our schools are failing our students when they do not teach them the math and science skills they need to succeed and that high tech companies want to employ. Why? Why aren’t our state run schools stepping up and teaching our children? Unions force school districts to keep under performing teachers. School districts are more interested in forcing liberal social issues on our children. Sex education that are really pornographic how to class. Who wants their child discussing sex toys, straight and gay sex acts and S&M in a class setting? Partisan politics, radical leftist anti American propaganda, income inequality, envious entitlement  and grievance politics of blame someone else should not be taught in schools. We need science and math students who know American and world history. When a nation forgets the lessons of the past, they repeat their mistakes. We need students who can think and make decisions in a fact based logical manner and are not easily swayed by emotional rhetoric and false propaganda. We need students who believe that hard work and good education are needed to ensure their success and happiness in their adult lives. We need students who respect the rights and property of one another. We need students who conduct themselves and see the merit of behaving in an ethical and honest manner. We need students who believe in the rule of law as the only way for a civil peaceful society and we need students who are respectful of law enforcement and authority. How can you help that when teachers and schools call law enforcement every time a student gets in a fight, kisses a girl in kindergarten, brings a toy gun to school, uses his fingers as a gun, skips school, mouths off or is disrespectful in class, cusses out/ flips off a teacher, steals in school and bullies. What happened to after school and in school detention, alternative classes and a talk with the principal and parents? What happened to in school discipline. What do children learn when you kick them out of school or worse yet call police. You treat children like criminals and they will act like criminals when they are older and they will distrust and reject law enforcement and authority. America needs children who can think for themselves.

Back to Obama and the big business execs wanting more immigrant workers. Why hasn’t business gone into the schools and trained their future employees? Why aren’t there more apprenticeship programs, both for high skilled and low skilled jobs? Why is Obama and big business ignoring our children and hiring foreign workers? It can’t be wages, because right now Americans just want a job and we are willing to work our way up. We aren’t choosey. We have enough immigrants already here and they are good workers. We don’t need anymore. Big Business can train us, educate us and hire us. Until American citizens and current immigrants are fully employed, I vote no new work visas. Obama can stick his social justice loser policies where the sun don’t shine. He and his social engineers are destroying America by destroying capitalism, the one true way to lift all boats.

Ferguson,MO shooting and the lack of civility and respect

In Philadelphia, a park ranger told skaters to not skate on the sidewalks, there were too many children and families to do it safely. One skater punched him, the ranger fell to the ground, where they kicked him, repeatedly, and spat on him, while the public watched and one video taped the incident. As a quick fix, why not build a skate park in the area ? In the long run, it will take parents who raise their children to respect authority and respect other people’s rights and property. It will take parents who say stay respectful and if you have a righteous complaint, address it later, with a lawyer, another authority figure or in the media. It will take teachers and community leaders to support those lessons of respect. We see this lawless narcissistic lack of respect for others in the knockout game, the rioting, filthy demeaning lyrics, and increasing gratuitous violence and theft in America.  I think this is what went wrong in Ferguson and it is what went wrong in the Trayvon Martin incident, where a teenager attacked a man and pummeled his head several times on the sidewalk, all because the man was following him. The man, a neighborhood watchman shot him dead.  The store video shows that Brown was a young man who used his size and violence to bully and intimidate his way thru life and he was a thief. He had no respect for authority and he had no respect for other people’s rights and property. We know that Brown attacked the policeman in his car and walked away. It remains to be seen if Brown turned around and charged the policeman and the policeman shot him in self defense or whether the policeman lost it and shot Brown in cold blood. Unfortunately, the mob have tried the policeman, found him guilty of murder and they want revenge. They are being agitated  by the likes of Al Sharpton, Attorney Crump, Jesse Jackson, NAACP, 60s civil rights activists, Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, anarchist groups, and other radical leftists. Gangs and other criminal opportunists have showed up to, to riot and pillage, also. All showed up in the Trayvon Martin case, too, to whip up the mob mentality of revenge and create more distrust and division in communities that are reeling with the violence that is in their communities.   Obama and Holder have butted in again, making matters worse as they demonize local law enforcement. In Trayvon’s case the local law enforcement said there was no evidence that said it was murder, but Holder and Obama forced the state of Florida to indict . The jury found the neighborhood watchman not guilty, but he still endures public condemnation and ostracization, harassment and death threats from the mob.

As our nation becomes more dependent on government welfare because of a lack of opportunities and employment, the inner city black community is hit with that threefold. At sometime, the inner city black community has to ask,why is our community full of failed schools, rising crime rates, the illegal drug trade and three times the rate of unemployment, At sometime they should question why their Democrat leadership continues to speak of income inequality, promote envy and entitlement and racial division, instead of ensuring their constituents have a neighborhood that has successful and secure schools and good paying jobs for them. Ferguson and other inner city black communities should ask why their police force and their city representatives do not reflect their majority black population and do not live in their neighborhoods. Maybe, the black community should look at Libertarian/Republican plans to reduce government, balance the budget and to promote policies that make America a fully employed nation. The Black communities have voted Democrat for generations and their plight in life has got worse. Year after year they have seen their leaders involved in criminal endeavors to enrich themselves and their cronies, while ignoring their neighborhoods until the next election. Good schools, a safe community and a good paying job are rights to  bring happiness and prosperity to all of our nation and the Democrats have not given that to the black community.

Terrorism–a poem I wrote right after Sept 11,2001

Born from the subjective vision of zealot depravity,
This evil beast abuses the weak and despairing.
Cloaked in the false doctrines of deceit and treachery,
Dark shadows of amoral secrets and desires dwell slyly.
\Lusting for ancestral splendors and kingdoms of former times,
This jealous demon aspires to take by savage force,
Destroying all that is agreeable to free peoples.
Brutal control seeks to supplant the light of sovereignty’s rule.
\Nurtured on malevolent chaos, driven by deadly hate,
Wickedness misdirects endless recriminations,
Promising a paradise to fervent disciples.
This offensive intolerance flourishes within Islam.
\With sanity’s reason destroyed by heinous barbarity,
The succubus requires sacrifice of innocents,
Insuring their slaughter with vile lessons of bloodlust.
This demon steals young life to sustain its purposeful foulness.
\Sown with lies, its harvest of terror yields barren fields of carnage,
Infertile with the anguished tears of its victims’ wail.
This butcher of mankind kills indiscriminately,
Bringing Armageddon but for the courage and prayer of you.