Foreign entanglements

Maybe America’s answer is somewhere between Paul’s isolationism and the war hawks. Maybe, the answer is the Constitution, leading by example and obeying the Constitution. First we have to teach what the Constitution says, not what we think or want it to say. It is not a guide to be tweaked. Obey it and we will be where and what we should be. We should remember, we had foreign governments and a miniscule amount of foreign individuals supporting us with money and troops in our bid for independence. So, maybe the answer is freedom’s fight belongs to the individual nations with a miniscule amount of assistance from us and we always stand with our allies in the free world against incursions from aggressive nations. When we as a nation do this, the people, the nation, we are defending, needs to have the same values and goals as we do. Right now, things are murky in many places. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine, Syrian Rebels, maybe Tunisia, Qatar,Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Muslim Brotherhood and many other faux allies –all have allied themselves with radical islam and many have supported terrorists around the world.  There is definitely no murkiness in our support for Israel’s right to defend itself and there should be no murkiness in our support of the Ukraine. The modern world, the free world will never be able to coexist with radical islam. It is a supremacist theology that uses terror and sharia law to subjugate anyone, including the Muslim world, who disagrees with their beliefs. In the end, it will be education, sharing our values and principles and our Constitution’s hope for humanity and truth that will stop this insane madness. We must teach people to think in a logical, independent manner.


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