legalized drugs

Someone better start informing the public of the true destroying nature of marijuana. It is not the drug of the 60s. It destroys brain cells, reduces you IQ by 8 points, makes you unproductive and unable to think in a logical independent manner. It is a drug. America better address the fact that all of our drug users are supporting the violence and abuses of not only the drug cartels, the gangs, the criminal element and the terrorists around the world. We are paying for our own destruction. When Mexico and Central American countries point out that it is our drug market, our drug users that supports this, we are not paying attention. Our hedonistic tendencies are suicidal and will be the death of this nation if we do not stop being a nation who needs to be medicated by illegal and legal drugs. We also need to address the issue of our governments increasing appetite for growth. They are selling out the welfare of the people and recklessly putting our nation at risk for tax dollars.



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