Jon McNaughton’s garden

McNaughton shared a painting of his garden. It was a memory of that garden because he had put a vegetation killer on it by mistake. He had destroyed it and he is having to replant it. It will take time to make it the beautiful place it once was. It got me to thinking about our nation. We have allowed the weeds,ie: the abuses of our government, smothering out our individual Constitutional rights and our ability to prosper with the  false promises to secure our nation and protect our rights. As McNaughton had to do in his garden, it is time for America to replant the seeds of liberty and individual freedom that our Constitution promises and our Founders hoped for. Our nation can be beautiful again. It will take work. It will take educated populace. Our countrymen need to know just exactly what our Constitution says and they need to know how very far we have strayed from it.  Our countrymen need to know the true history of statism, communism, progressivism, Marxism–whatever you want to call it.  In the past,all of these movement have always begun with false promises of people empowerment, fair share, fair shot, anti capitalistic propaganda and ended up persecuting and impoverishing the masses. We just have to look at Cuba and Venezuela today to see a small ruling elite that live like kings while the people live in poverty, dependent on their governments housing and food allotments. Chavez and Castro may have killed only thousands & subjugated millions, but Stalin, Lenin and Mao killed and subjugated millions to enact their vision of Marx’s mad ramblings. All have failed and become insolvent. Though China has bastardized a form of communism and capitalism and their people are better off, there is not a doubt their people are not free. China’s governing elite will squash them at any time, just as they did in Tianamen Square. America has slept too long, content in our hedonism and government dependence ,the weeds have grown so tall in liberty’s garden that they are smothering out our individual freedoms. We are on the precipice of losing our Republic and we will not like Obama’s vision of Marx. We will not like our share of poverty and persecution that this vision always brings.  Let our Constitution and our Founding Father’s vision be our guides. We can be beautiful again.


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