Obama is negotiating with terrorists?

How scandalous and indifferent to the barbarous acts they do, is it that Obama is negotiating with the Taliban,a terrorist organization who forces barbaric Sharia law on those it subjugates? No one seems to notice that our nation is negotiating and in some cases arming radical islamists around the world. We aid Iraq who has aligned itself with Iran. We aid Syrian Rebels who have aligned themselves with Isis, the Muslim Brotherhood and other islamists. We aid Palestine  who has aligned itself with Hamas. We supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Obama even has the Muslim Brothehood CAIR and other supporters of islamists in the WhiteHouse. I think he actually equates  some  Islamic terrorist organizations as revolutionaries for the common good. Talk about daddy issues–Obama has too many gray areas regarding Islam and radical islamist. The free world, the modern world cannot coexist with groups that want convert, subjugate or murder the world’s people by force, intimidation and barbarity.


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