Obama’s pin prick, half hearted attack on the world’s enemy, ISIS

I hope Obama destroys ISIS and stops screwing around with pin pricks and pompous rhetoric. ISIS is our enemy, indeed ISIS is the world’s enemy. There can be no coexistence with this supremacist death cult theology. ISIS and all radical islamists believe that their god wants them to convert, subjugate with Sharia laws and murder all infidels. You can’t negotiate with someone that intolerant and barbaric. Their Caliphate will be a nightmarish hell on earth. Obama has used Maliki as a reason to not help, saying the Iraq mess is Iraq’s problem. The Sunni and Shite are more interested in fussing with each other than protecting the Kurds,Aridis and Christians in Iraq. We need to arm the Kurds–Christians and Aridis too. The Kurds were doing fine until they ran out of ammo. Iraq did not rearm them and the United Stated did not either. What game is Obama playing. Surely he knows the Shite and Sunni don’t give a flip about Iraqi minorities. We should arm them and we should bomb the crap out of ISIS and cut off their support lines, both financial and logistical. That is not boots on the ground. We need to destroy ISIS and every Islamic terror group around the world,we can, because in the end, they are coming for us and our allies. If Obama does not want the job of President. If he will not do the job. We need to find another President and he needs to leave Pronto. His indecision, half measures and slow too act has brought chaos to the world. He does not think or plan, he reacts too slowly and is not effective with his actions. it is just too little too late. He may not think America should lead, but who will lead the world’s better angels if we do not? Russia? Iran? China? A Caliphate. Obama’s hatred for US dominance and world leadership has endangered the world.. Every time he acts, it is because we have shamed him into acting in a half hearted and ineffective¬†way. His moral equivalence between the bad actors of the world and nations who try to be a force for good, belongs in a school room, not in the real world. .


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