Obama’s problem with denouncing radical Islam is endangering the world

Obama seems to have a hard time believing that radical islam cannot coexist with the modern world. It is just too evil and too dangerous for the world’s survival. Obama has too many grey areas. He does not seem to be able to see that America is a force for good and that America has to lead in this fight for the world’s freedom, because there is no one else to do it. He sees the beheadings, the murder of children, the rape of women and he thinks this is a regional matter. The world has to shame him into stopping genocide. Obama does not see,will not allow himself to understand, that radical islam is a war on humanity. Radical Islam, whether it is ISIS or Hamas, AlQaida or Boko Haram–they all want to convert, subjugate or murder infidels the world over. Yes it is scary. Yes it is barbaric. Yes is repulsive. But, we either destroy and reeducate it’s acolytes or they will destroy the free world.  I pray Obama destroys ISIS in Iraq and destroys its financial and logistical support, because they are coming for us next if we allow them their genocidal march thru the Middle East. A Caliphate that is a terrorist state will lead to another world war. I pray Obama does not let this crisis metastasize into a cancer that threatens the world. Just as a side note. Bush was right. Controlling Iraq, bringing democracy to Iraq, is essential for the world’s war against radical islam. He tried to tell us.


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