Paranoid? I think not.

The left as usual attacks are personal and dismissive to those that point out that Obama and his acolytes are using every government bureaucracy against his ideological and political opponents.


Are you denying that the IRS denied tax status to raise money to deny conservative and religious voices in an election? Are you denying that the DOJ, the ATF,the FBI and OSHEA have been used to harass and litigate conservative and religious groups? Are you going to deny that the NLRB tried to muscle Boeing into becoming a union employer in SC, a free to work state? Do you deny that the DOJ spied on Fox News, James Rosen and the AP? Do you deny that the NSA has collected bulk data on every citizen in the US? Do you deny the ATF and the DOJ conspired to sell guns to the Mexican Drug Cartel and did not track the guns, as part of a plan to use the criminal data, where the guns were used, as evidence for greater gun control laws? Do you deny that the Defense Department, the CIA,The FBI and the White House all lied and have obstructed government Oversight  about Benghazi? Do you deny  Kathryn that the CIA spied on Congress while they were investigating the enhanced interrogation program? These are facts that we know–what are the things we do not know?


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