Ferguson,Mo shooting

Our inner city black communities have for decades been devastated by the incompetent criminal actions by their Democrat leaders. Their schools are failures. Their unemployment is 30-40%. To hide Democrat leadership failures, the Democrats and black leaders like Jackson, NAACP,Louis Farakahan, Al Sharpton, AG Holder and President Obama have fostered a grievance culture that excuses theft, violence, lying and disrespect of law enforcement instead of encouraging self governance and self control. Everyone knows what is right and what is wrong. Both Trayvon and Michael were brought up in this atmosphere. That is why we see Brown using his considerable size to bully and steal and that is why Brown thought he could hit a policeman without consequence, instead of going to the sidewalk. That is why Trayvon Martin thought he had the right to take out that cracker because he could. Both were brought up in a culture that respects no ones rights when it comes to what they want to take and do. Make no mistake about it, both Trayvon and Mike are dead because of their bad decisions. The jury is out on if the policeman’s actions were warranted. We haven’t heard his testimony. We already know that the witnesses lied.


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