Ferguson,MO shooting and the lack of civility and respect

In Philadelphia, a park ranger told skaters to not skate on the sidewalks, there were too many children and families to do it safely. One skater punched him, the ranger fell to the ground, where they kicked him, repeatedly, and spat on him, while the public watched and one video taped the incident. As a quick fix, why not build a skate park in the area ? In the long run, it will take parents who raise their children to respect authority and respect other people’s rights and property. It will take parents who say stay respectful and if you have a righteous complaint, address it later, with a lawyer, another authority figure or in the media. It will take teachers and community leaders to support those lessons of respect. We see this lawless narcissistic lack of respect for others in the knockout game, the rioting, filthy demeaning lyrics, and increasing gratuitous violence and theft in America.  I think this is what went wrong in Ferguson and it is what went wrong in the Trayvon Martin incident, where a teenager attacked a man and pummeled his head several times on the sidewalk, all because the man was following him. The man, a neighborhood watchman shot him dead.  The store video shows that Brown was a young man who used his size and violence to bully and intimidate his way thru life and he was a thief. He had no respect for authority and he had no respect for other people’s rights and property. We know that Brown attacked the policeman in his car and walked away. It remains to be seen if Brown turned around and charged the policeman and the policeman shot him in self defense or whether the policeman lost it and shot Brown in cold blood. Unfortunately, the mob have tried the policeman, found him guilty of murder and they want revenge. They are being agitated  by the likes of Al Sharpton, Attorney Crump, Jesse Jackson, NAACP, 60s civil rights activists, Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, anarchist groups, and other radical leftists. Gangs and other criminal opportunists have showed up to, to riot and pillage, also. All showed up in the Trayvon Martin case, too, to whip up the mob mentality of revenge and create more distrust and division in communities that are reeling with the violence that is in their communities.   Obama and Holder have butted in again, making matters worse as they demonize local law enforcement. In Trayvon’s case the local law enforcement said there was no evidence that said it was murder, but Holder and Obama forced the state of Florida to indict . The jury found the neighborhood watchman not guilty, but he still endures public condemnation and ostracization, harassment and death threats from the mob.

As our nation becomes more dependent on government welfare because of a lack of opportunities and employment, the inner city black community is hit with that threefold. At sometime, the inner city black community has to ask,why is our community full of failed schools, rising crime rates, the illegal drug trade and three times the rate of unemployment, At sometime they should question why their Democrat leadership continues to speak of income inequality, promote envy and entitlement and racial division, instead of ensuring their constituents have a neighborhood that has successful and secure schools and good paying jobs for them. Ferguson and other inner city black communities should ask why their police force and their city representatives do not reflect their majority black population and do not live in their neighborhoods. Maybe, the black community should look at Libertarian/Republican plans to reduce government, balance the budget and to promote policies that make America a fully employed nation. The Black communities have voted Democrat for generations and their plight in life has got worse. Year after year they have seen their leaders involved in criminal endeavors to enrich themselves and their cronies, while ignoring their neighborhoods until the next election. Good schools, a safe community and a good paying job are rights to  bring happiness and prosperity to all of our nation and the Democrats have not given that to the black community.


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