Terrorism–a poem I wrote right after Sept 11,2001

Born from the subjective vision of zealot depravity,
This evil beast abuses the weak and despairing.
Cloaked in the false doctrines of deceit and treachery,
Dark shadows of amoral secrets and desires dwell slyly.
\Lusting for ancestral splendors and kingdoms of former times,
This jealous demon aspires to take by savage force,
Destroying all that is agreeable to free peoples.
Brutal control seeks to supplant the light of sovereignty’s rule.
\Nurtured on malevolent chaos, driven by deadly hate,
Wickedness misdirects endless recriminations,
Promising a paradise to fervent disciples.
This offensive intolerance flourishes within Islam.
\With sanity’s reason destroyed by heinous barbarity,
The succubus requires sacrifice of innocents,
Insuring their slaughter with vile lessons of bloodlust.
This demon steals young life to sustain its purposeful foulness.
\Sown with lies, its harvest of terror yields barren fields of carnage,
Infertile with the anguished tears of its victims’ wail.
This butcher of mankind kills indiscriminately,
Bringing Armageddon but for the courage and prayer of you.


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