Higher unemployment in the inner city black community

Today, I read that President Obama met with big business leadership. They were lobbying for increased visas for foreign workers, both high tech and manual laborers. Why? Our unemployment is so high. We citizens are becoming more dependent on government welfare. The great middle class is shrinking and the below poverty crowd is increasing.  Is Obama and corporate America giving up on us or are they destroying the American dream where a poor child can be successful and have a better quality of life then their parents thru hard work and education? Year after year, government burdens small business with more regulation, increased compliance costs and taxes, including the ACA. These are our employers and maybe we are the owners. Every year the costs of living increase and there is less left over for savings. Many of our workers would like full time work, but can only find part time work because of government’s burden on their employers. Many workers are working entry level jobs because that is who is hiring. 47 million Americans are on Food Stamps. The rest of America will be looking like the inner cities, soon, if this Progressive insanity does not stop. Democrats have ruined the inner cities with their social justice crap. Without jobs,without revenue, many big cities are bankrupt and run by corrupt bureaucrats and job killing unions. Sharing in the poverty that Marxist policies bring and being governed by a uber wealthy Academic leftist elite is not American. The people in the inner city have become a hopeless, government dependent and uneducated population trapped inside a violent and criminal underground feeling more angry, more distrustful, more disrespectful, disillusioned and more self destructive every day . 

Our schools are failing our students when they do not teach them the math and science skills they need to succeed and that high tech companies want to employ. Why? Why aren’t our state run schools stepping up and teaching our children? Unions force school districts to keep under performing teachers. School districts are more interested in forcing liberal social issues on our children. Sex education that are really pornographic how to class. Who wants their child discussing sex toys, straight and gay sex acts and S&M in a class setting? Partisan politics, radical leftist anti American propaganda, income inequality, envious entitlement  and grievance politics of blame someone else should not be taught in schools. We need science and math students who know American and world history. When a nation forgets the lessons of the past, they repeat their mistakes. We need students who can think and make decisions in a fact based logical manner and are not easily swayed by emotional rhetoric and false propaganda. We need students who believe that hard work and good education are needed to ensure their success and happiness in their adult lives. We need students who respect the rights and property of one another. We need students who conduct themselves and see the merit of behaving in an ethical and honest manner. We need students who believe in the rule of law as the only way for a civil peaceful society and we need students who are respectful of law enforcement and authority. How can you help that when teachers and schools call law enforcement every time a student gets in a fight, kisses a girl in kindergarten, brings a toy gun to school, uses his fingers as a gun, skips school, mouths off or is disrespectful in class, cusses out/ flips off a teacher, steals in school and bullies. What happened to after school and in school detention, alternative classes and a talk with the principal and parents? What happened to in school discipline. What do children learn when you kick them out of school or worse yet call police. You treat children like criminals and they will act like criminals when they are older and they will distrust and reject law enforcement and authority. America needs children who can think for themselves.

Back to Obama and the big business execs wanting more immigrant workers. Why hasn’t business gone into the schools and trained their future employees? Why aren’t there more apprenticeship programs, both for high skilled and low skilled jobs? Why is Obama and big business ignoring our children and hiring foreign workers? It can’t be wages, because right now Americans just want a job and we are willing to work our way up. We aren’t choosey. We have enough immigrants already here and they are good workers. We don’t need anymore. Big Business can train us, educate us and hire us. Until American citizens and current immigrants are fully employed, I vote no new work visas. Obama can stick his social justice loser policies where the sun don’t shine. He and his social engineers are destroying America by destroying capitalism, the one true way to lift all boats.


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