Cspan asks–How far do we go in fighting ISIS

All the way. Destroy them. Go it alone–if we must. Sooner or later the frightened world will have to stand against this killer ideology. This cancer is terminal and it will destroy modern civilization if we do not destroy it. The world sees the threat and even the Arab world will join us in this fight for survival, against not only ISIS but all the radical islamists groups. It should be noted that many in the Arab world allowed and encouraged this perverted theology to grow and they used radical islamists to fight in proxy wars with Israel and some nations even use Sharia laws to control their populations, while the rulers reaped their countries riches. Using the radical islamists to fight against Assad is just stupid on our part. Both are monsters, but Assad is a secular monster, he is not the theological and political bastard  monster  that threatens mankind’s existence. Radical Islam is a supremacist death cult, that will sacrifice all muslims and murder all who do not subjugate themselves to barbaric sharia laws and convert to their perverted version of  Islam. No sane person, no peaceful law abiding person signs up with radical islam. These are the world’s insane, the criminals, the zealots,the unrestrained haters, the fervent maniacal believers, the brainwashed acolytes, the barbarians and the monsters of societies all over the world. There is no coexistence with radical islam for any government, and people. They are the world’s enemy.


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