Cspan asks” Should Obama go to Ferguson

No, both he and Holder should stay out of Ferguson and let the county court find justice and truth–along with the rest of the race hustlers–We all are seeing that Brown is not a victim. He is a violent bully and thief. America must face the truth and fix it, not continually harping on his victimhood. He is a victim but not of the police and not of the rule of law. He is a victim of decades of failed Progressive policies ,and corrupt criminal Democrat leaders which has led to poverty,dependence, anger, frustration and divisive political rhetoric that comes out effortlessly from both Obama and Holder’s mouth . Their change leads to our fair share of poverty and an elitist crony corrupt control of we the people. The inner city plight of bankruptcy, failed schools, increased criminal activity, bankruptcy, and more government dependence is coming to the suburbs if we do not stop this Progressive/communist/Marxist/statist/totalitarian insanity–every 50 years they change their name, but that hound dog don’t hunt in America. This is not an American movement. This is definitely anti American and anti Founding Father’s vision.


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