The next 2elections are crucial to our nation’s survival

It is going to take Libertarian majorities in both parties to fix this mess. The Dems have gone completely bonkers with this Progressive Statist Authoritarian agenda. My God they’re pursuing communist Marxist policies. Don’t they see that? Progressive/communist/Marxist policies always lead to poverty, persecution and enslavement of the people and only the government’s cronies have any quality of life with that path. The Republican insiders may be big government idiots, but they have not gone as far as bankrupting the US both economically and morally. It is the Libertarian voice that says we need to balance the budget, pay the dangerous debt off, reduce a the size of  Federal government thru privatization, attrition, and more efficient and timely management & increasing states rights, simplify the tax and regulatory codes and secure the borders before immigration reform, . It is Libertarians that have a common sense approach to government. It is Libertarians who have workable plans to make our nation a fully employed–both citizen and immigrant— nation. Our Constitution,Declaration of Independence and Founding documents, were written by people with Libertarian positions. Let’s return to their 1776 hopes and aspirations.


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