What we see in the inner city black community is comming to the suburbs

Distrust and disrespect for authority figures, law enforcement,the rule of law, and a complete violent disregard for other people’s rights and property and a lack of self control and personal responsibility is what killed Brown and Trayvon.  But what caused these anti social behaviors? What causes people to  feel like victims and feel they are entitled to lash out and take retribution? For Generations, the inner cities have voted for Democrats and what have they to show for it? More fair share,fair shot, blame whitey,blame banks,blame business, blame Wall Street, blame Republicans, blame blame blame, deflect, deflect, deflect, divisive empty rhetoric, Failed, violent schools, increased unemployment and government dependence and increased crime in their communities is what they got from Progressive policies and corrupt criminal leadership. Herman Cain had a plan to improve the economy and quality of life in the inner cities, but they rejected him for the KOOL guy, the rock star, the actor in the empty suit that spoke of hope and change in such soaring rhetoric and brought more of the same failed policies . The black community should have recognized who they were getting when Obama cancelled the scholarships to private schools for the poor in DC. Obama is an elitist, a statist.  He believes in sharing the poverty that his policies bring for the regular guy, while the governing elite, the academic leftist elite and the leftist cronies prosper on the backs of the worker–that’s us. The black community better wake up and look at the results of decades of Democrat leadership has brought for their people. I see a slow genocide of –how did the 50’s elitist leaders who believed in Eugenics put it–the undesirables? Margaret Sanger was a leader of that pack of jackals. Look at your abortion rates, Black Communities. Wake up, we’ve all been had by a globalist elite bunch of skunks who want to enslave us in poverty and violent chaos, oppressive political correctness, regulations, debt and taxes. .


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