Why I blog. Why I speak up.

I blog because I am afraid that no one will speak up about the injustices in our world. If no one speaks up, evil will thrive. I pray everyday that it is not just me that speaks up and that there are many of me who see the horrible lies that are destroying us. The world seems upside down. Our government seems to have turned against us and sides with people and organizations that do not mean mankind well. Crony corrupt and incompetent Democratic leadership has ruined our cities, bankrupted their governments and left the people in ruin.  Decades of Democratic leadership and false promises  have left our inner cities with a government dependent people in increasing violent, crime filled and impoverished neighborhoods. Their leadership, Including the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jackson’s of this world and ever our President and our AG  encourage distrust and disrespectfulness of police and the rule of law. The same people, the same party that destroyed their cities and impoverished them are now inciting a mob mentality. Obama and his administration continually blame Bush, Republicans,Wall Street, big business,conservatives religion for the poverty and violence, but it is Progressives policies that are at the root of our problems in the inner city. Democrats are bringing the illiteracy, poverty and violence to the rest of America. Why would they hurt our nation and our people so? Why would Holder,our nations DOJ and the Governor of MO,Nixon and our President take the side of the mob and encourage  distrust for police, the DA and local and county officials where a white policeman shot a black man? There is more evidence that shows it was self defense and not murder. At least one witness has been proved a liar and a wanted criminal,but they still rev up the mob, ignoring evidence to the contrary that Brown was a violent bully and a thief,that he violently resisted arrest and rushed the policeman who shot him in defense. Brown was not unarmed.He weighed 300 pounds. He was the weapon. Why are they inciting the mob to riot? Why are they working with Al Sharpton to incite the mob across our nation? Why does Holder have an community action group that helps the mob organize, agitate and disrupt civil society?

The world is upside down overseas to and Obama has been like the lord of chaos and destruction. Obama removed our missile star wars program from Europe and Russia has invaded Crimea and is set to invade the Ukraine. Europe stands by, trying to placate the bear, because Russia supplies their energy. Obama knows that if he increased exploitation and exports of American energy, making us energy independent and Europe too, we could stop Russia, bankrupt her. He refuses to do so. Why? Obama also knows that the oil in the middle east funds our enemy Radical Islam and he still does not make our nation energy independent. Why? My God we are supporting our own genocide weapon. It is just not us. Hamas is supported by oil dollars in an Arab proxy war against Israel. The Arab nations and Hamas are sacrificing the Palestinian people in their proxy war against Israel and the world does not see this infamy. The UN constantly threatens Israel with war crimes. Europe has such an anti semitic culture hiding their prejudice and fanatical hatred behind so called anti Zionism. Our President and our Secretary of State condemn Israel’s heavy hand in defending themselves,never mention the constant missile barrage from Hamas. It makes no sense. We certainly don’t hold back when we drone terrorists and they are less armed then Hamas. I am sure there is a whole lot of collateral damage from our bombs, yet our government hypocrites decry the body count that Israel’s defensive measures cause.

Why did our government help the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt, knowing they are a terrorist organization? Why did our Government not support Egypt when they kicked out the Muslim Brotherhood after finding out that Sharia law was to be used to enslave them and Christians and other minorities were to be persecuted? Why did Obama invite the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s supporting organizations in America and CAIR to the White House? Why are they still advising the White House? Why is Huma Weiner associated with Hillary Clinton? Her family has major ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Why did Obama wait to arm and support the Syrian Rebels? Now they are infiltrated with radical islamists, including ISIS. Unfortunately, we are probably allowing our rebel support to go to the islamists. That is just crazy.

Why is Obama not securing our borders? It is not about the refugees and the immigrants, it is about keeping the terrorists, the drug cartels, the sex traffickers, the drugs, and the gangs out of America. This is just so reckless. My God his family could be hurt by this stupidity just as much as ours can. Has Obama no common sense?

Everyone knows that this continued over spending, over taxing, over regulating, over litigating  is going to bankrupt us and destroy our nation. The growth of the NSA, the spying and intimidation on our press and citizens, the intimidation of the politically correct militants and the civil militarization of much of government has frightened all of us.  The schools have no tolerance policies that intimidate, ridicule and make our children fearful, forcing their compliance and uniformity. The leftist militants are hurting our children for crying out loud.  The IRS and most of the other government bureaucracies have been used as political weapons against President Obama’s opposition to intimidate, to litigate, to bankrupt all conservative and religious groups into silence. That old adage of <When a people fear their government their is tyranny but when a government fears the people–there is freedom> is so true.

And then there is Iraq,ISIS and the other radical islamists. Obama has withheld help to Iraq, allowing ISIS to form a Caliphate thru Syria and Iraq. Only when the public found out that ISIS was murdering Christians and had them trapped on a mountain did Obama bomb them and stop them. Only after the public found out the ISIS had control of a damn that if blown up could drown millions did Obama lend bomb support to the Kurds to take it back. Here we find out that ISIS is committing genocide of Christians and forcing conversion to their perverted barbaric theology, raping and enslaving women and children and beheading people. They beheaded an American journalist and put the video up on U tube. Obama stepped on the presser by the Foley parents, made a public speech of condolence and outrage and seven minutes later went to a golf course on Martha Vinyards.  What kind of man do we have as President? How can he not see that the radical islamists have a world mission to convert, subjugate us all with Sharia laws and murder all those who will not. How can Obama not see that mankind is in a fight for it’s life against the most evil Supremacist theology the world has seen? How can Obama not see that it our duty and the world’s to destroy ISIS and all the radical islamist groups? How can he not see that the world needs to stop the teaching of this evil theology? We are in a fight for modern civilization. How does Obama not realize that? How can he not feel the burden of all those who are being murdered, tortured, raped and enslaved by radical islamists all over the world, while he golfs and parties with the elite?

The world is upside down.Common sense has flown the coup. I do not understand why an American President could do so poorly. This I do know. Obama is fast becoming the people’s enemy and he is the most dangerous man in America and the world. He is truly the lord of chaos and disruption. Sal Alinsky and Clowerd and Piven would be so proud their evil lessons live on.




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