Violent Rage, Distrust&Disrespect killed Brown from Ferguson

Democrats have used the inner city communities for decades. They destroyed the economies of the big cities with their corrupt criminal governance. For their loyal bloc vote, the inner city communities have seen increased illiteracy, unemployment, crime, violence and drugs in their neighborhoods. What do you wanna bet there are payoffs to government officials from the drug cartels? Having destroyed the inner city communities, Democrats and leftist activists are now fostering violent rage, distrust and disrespect for authority, police, the rule of law and it’s bureaucracy,other people and their property, while blaming whitey–ie Republicans– for the ills in the community. This violent rage, distrust and Disrespect killed Brown and Trayvon. All this to force leftist change thru the chaos and lawlessness of the mob they have incited. How many more will die and how many more families will be destroyed because of the Democrats utopian madness. Never let a crisis go to waste is the Democrat mantra. They create the crisis to exploit it. What scumbags the Democrats have become.


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