Did Obama support a Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate

Lately, I  have been hearing a lamenting for the old guard in the Middle East who kept the area stabilized. That is just amoral nutz. While I think Mubarak was coming around to a more democratic normalcy and that Arab spring was more a Muslim Brotherhood grab for power than freedom for the people, Kadaffi and Sadaam were still the insane despots they always were. You would think America would have learned not to get in bed with despots, but no that is just what we have done  in the past–all to stabilize an area with resources we and the west want.  Radical Islamists are the enemy of the world. The world cannot coexist with their barbaric supremacist theological cult. An Islamist Caliphate is a death knell for individual freedom and modern civilization. If I am right, Obama and the State Department encouraged a Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate with barbaric Sharia Laws to stabilize the Middle East. That is why Obama supported and assisted the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power in Egypt. He even invited the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters in America to the WhiteHouse and to this day, he uses them as Middle Eastern advisors. How crazy is that? That is why Obama waited until the Islamists were entrenched in Syria before he wanted to bomb Assad and arm/train the rebels. That is why he is playing footsie with Turkey and Erdogan’s forcing Sharia on his people and Erdogan’s support of ISIS. Benghazi probably happened because the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood connection was ignored. That is why the UAE and Egypt didn’t tell the US that they were bombing the Islamists in Libya, last week. Moderates in Islam do not trust us to be a force for good in the Middle East.  Sharia is evil. It is a way to enslave and control people with religious cultish fervor and it has been used for hundreds of years to control and impoverish middle eastern populations, while their rulers rape the land of it’s riches. No wonder Obama has no great plan to destroy ISIS and other radical islamist cults around the world, he is conflicted as to what peaceful Islam is. Why he cannot see the evil of radical islam, I do not know. What is so hard about calling their “Convert, subjugate yourself to barbaric Sharia or be murdered mantra”, evil” What is so hard about calling “convert&become a slave bride or we will rape you daily until you die”, mantra as evil? What is so hard about saying we cannot coexist with the radical islamists? If our President does not see the true evil of radical islam, we and the world are doomed to suffer his schizophrenic beliefs and actions. And then there is Iran, a nation that wants a nuclear bomb and is ruled by insane mullahs. A apocalyptic nation that believes it can hasten the end times to force the return of the Mahdi. As for Hamas, why doesn’t the President and the State Department see that they too are radical islamists who are willing to sacrifice all Palestinians in their bloodlust war against Israel? Why can’t our President see that the Arab world has used and supported the terrorist organization, Hamas in their proxy war against Israel, for decades?  Perhaps the President has daddy issues and is conflicted about who is the good guy and who is the bad guy in the nation of Islam? Obama is certainly not comfortable in his own skin. He seems to be at war with himself, driven by his Father’s hate and distrust of the West and blinded by his leftist mentors hate for all things American. It remains to be seen if Obama is so repulsed by the barbaric progeny of the Muslim Brotherhood–The Muslim Brotherhood begat Al Qaida and Al Qaida beget ISIS,as well as other radical islamist cults– that he will see the true evil and incompatibility with the modern world of an Islamist Caliphate.


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