Isis and Obama

Here is where I think Obama is regarding ISIS. I think Obama wants an Islamic Caliphate headed by the Muslim Brotherhood. He thinks that this would stabilize the area and he is willing to allow the enslavement of millions of people under Sharia Law to do that. Look what he did in Egypt. He backed the Muslim Brotherhood in the election and ignored the chicanery they did to get in power. He continued to ignore the Muslim Brotherhood’s implementation of Sharia and their persecution of the Egyptian Christian community. He even ignored the Muslim Brotherhood’s aid to Hamas.  He berated the Egyptian people for overthrowing Morsi because of his abuses. To this day, things are still cool between us and the Egyptians. Their recent bombing of radical islamists in Libya, with the UAE, showed they do not trust us one whit because we were not told. I believe the Muslim Brotherhood was involved in the Benghazi attacks and that rumor of a failed kidnapping attempt of Stevens to trade for the Blind Sheik, just might be true. It remains to be seen where those arms were going in Syria. Were the arms going to the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s evil offspring? Obama and Hillary are hiding something really bad to deny help to both annexes and make up those lies about the video. The free Syrian Army had Assad on the run, but Obama waited until the Radical Islamists had infiltrated their ranks before he wanted to bomb Assad and arm the rebels. That would have been so reckless without having a plan to destroy the chemical weapons Assad possessed. I don’t believe we got everything, at any rate and Russia and Obama know it. Some of it is probably in the Islamists hands, no doubt. Obama has overlooked the genocide of Christians by the Islamists in Syria and if not for the world’s outcry, he would have been content with the genocide of the Iraqi Christians. It is my belief that Obama wants Assad out so bad and that he wants a Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate so bad, he is willing to allow the Muslim Brotherhood’s evil progeny to do their barbarism to achieve it. Obama has even invited the Muslim Brotherhood and American organizations that support them to the WhiteHouse as advisors for crying out loud! That is so outrageous. How in the world he thinks the Muslim Brotherhood will ever control such evil groups, I do not know. Why he thinks the Muslim Brotherhood is any different than any of the other Supremacists Islamic cults, I do not know either. Obama is a dangerous academic fool, not fit for a school room,does not in reality and certainly not fit for the leader of the free world. We should bomb the crap out of ISIS inside Syria as well as Iraq, using the Kurds.the Azidis,other minorities and Shite Iraqis as Iraq’s boots on the ground. There may be Sunni Iraqis who want to fight and there may be some Sunnis who have seen the monster that ISIS is that might want to give us intel. We should demand that the other oil rich Shite states pay for the bombing and pay for arming the Kurds and Christian minorities. With or without that coalition, Obama uses as a delaying tactic excuse. Whether we can shame Obama into doing what is right and just or not–I do not know..


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