Obama’s postponment of executive action amnesty

The President has made a habit of not enforcing immigration laws and threatening executive amnesty. It is not just the mass immigration of children and other immigrant/refugees that has scared the pants off everyone. It is the terrorists, drug cartel members and their product, the gang members, sex traffickers and the other criminals coming in with them. And then there is the ICE release of criminals, many of them felons, rapists and murderers into the population to wait on adjudication. That is just crazy dangerous behavior! No wonder Republicans do not trust Obama to obey any reforms to immigration. As much as Harry Reid, the Dems and the President would like otherwise, all appropriations bills need to originate from the House. The Senate should bring the House immigration bill, along with the majority of the over 300 House Bills already on Harry Reid’s desk, to the floor for debate, amendment and conference. It is Harry Reid,with Obama’s complicity, that stops the regular order and will of the people in the Congress. The President killed a comprehensive immigration bill with his lawlessness. Besides, we have seen that Congress does not do comprehensive well. Exhibit A, is the ACA. What a cluster! When the President says the House should vote on the Senate bill, he is not inviting debate, amendment and conference, he is saying pass it as is, I will not sign it otherwise. Obama is a totalitarian President, a my way or the highway type of leader. Now immigration reform must be done in increments, starting with securing the border first. Latinos should vote for Republicans. They have been trying for true immigration reform since GW’s days. Latinos should remember, Democrats killed Bush’s immigration bill  and Senator Obama led voted for the poison pill that killed it. They should also remember that Dems had both Houses for two years and did not keep their immigration reform promises. Obama has shown he is using Latinos as a political wedge by delaying his illegal executive actions until after the election. Obama cannot be trusted.


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