On this 911 Anniversary, I Remember the victims, not the monsters who murdered them

We went to the 911 memorial service today. It was a little different this time. One speaker spoke about our first responders and how we all are first responders these days because of the radical Islamist threat. Another speaker called them Islamic fundamentalists who follow the barbarous cult-like customs of 600 AD. It seems that although our President says radical islam, is not Islamic, the American people know the truth. Another speaker said we always remember the monsters in history, but we do not remember their victims unless we knew them. He was right. Today, I took a name from Flight 93 this day. I will remember this person. I will listen to the names spoken at the 911 memorial and hope they continue.


Deborah Jacobs Welsh
Age: 49
Hometown: New York City, NY
Occupation: Flight Attendant, United Airlines

As the purser on Flight 93, Deborah Jacobs Welsh, 49, was assigned to First Class and was responsible for overseeing the flight attendants. With more than twenty-five years of experience with three airlines, she was well-qualified to handle the role. The six-foot tall Welsh was raised in Philadelphia, the eldest of six children. She loved to travel and embraced the cultures of the exotic places she visited. She cared deeply about animals, and was compassionate and thoughtful, delivering leftover airline meals and warm winter clothing to homeless people in the Manhattan neighborhood where she lived with her husband, Patrick.


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