Dear Mr.President, Please do not arm and train the Syrian Rebels


Mr.President, I urge you NOT to train and arm anymore Syrian Rebels. They have been infiltrated with radical islamist cult members, our enemy.  Let the Arab world do it. They have dealt with and used them in their proxy wars with Israel and they have used them to control their own people, while they reap the riches of their nation. The Arabs know them,they have supported them and now they can choose which ones to train and arm. Let the Arabs spend their own money, defend their own interests in Syria. I vote we bomb the crap out of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, use the Kurds, Christians and Shite in Iraq as our boots on the ground. Iraq can decide if they can trust the Sunnis enough to give them arms to fight ISIS. I vote we give Iraqi and Iraqi minorities intel, advisors and arms to push ISIS out of Iraq. I…

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