I support President Obama’s stand against ISIS

I support the President’s stand against ISIS. The world is at war with numerous radical islamist cults who use the cruel barbarity of 600 AD and the enslavement of Sharia Laws in their war against modern civilization. The world has fought supremacist cults before, but never any as evil as ISIS. The Sunnis in Iraq and Syria must be the boots on the ground. In Northern Iraq, America can arm and train and we can embed advisors, and special forces into Kurdish and Christian militia, but in southern Iraq and Syria, it must be the Sunni and Shite nations who are embedded as advisors and special forces and it must be these nations that arm and train those forces. American can provide intel and we can bomb the crap out of ISIS in Iraq and Syria and we can destroy their financial and logistic infrastructure, but it is going to have to be Middle Eastern Boots on the ground. I do not think we should arm or train any Syrian Rebels. That is  the Sunni nations that should do that. My guess is the rebels will want to use the remnants of the cult, ISIS, to fight Assad, after we push ISIS out of Iraq and degrade their Syrian infrastructure. We do not want to have anything to do with that. The rebels have already handed over American and British journalists and aid workers to ISIS. I think we should leave the Syrian mess to the Arab world after we bomb the crap out of ISIS.                 I also think we should maximize our energy production, make ourselves energy independent and export to Europe and the free world. It is better we drill and dig than continue our dependence on Russian and Middle Eastern aggressions and instabilities.


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