Should Obama go to Congress regarding the ISIS mission?

Yes. Congress should know what the objective is and how it is to be achieved before giving the President money. We may not formally declare war anymore, but when you bomb people and kill people for our security, for our defense, we are at war.  I am not on board with arming and training anymore Syrian Rebels. They have aligned themselves with radical islamists, some within their ranks,who have declared themselves to be our sworn enemies. Radical Islamists have declared war on us and they have called for our death if we do not convert and submit ourselves to the enslavement of Sharia Laws. We cannot continue to assist terrorists.” The enemy of my enemy is my friend” does NOT apply here. I do support arming and training the Kurds and the Christians in northern Iraq. I do support bombing the crap out of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. I do support giving our intel to anyone who is fighting ISIS. I do support putting US advisors and special forces embeded in with the Kurds and Christians. I don’t know that our troops would be safe with Iraqi Sunni or Shite Iraqi troops. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan and other Islamic nations can put their advisors and special forces in the southern Iraq troops and in with the Syrian rebels. Iran can help the Shia Iraqi government. Just as we should not join with Assad, we should not join with Iran in our war against ISIS. Oil Rich Middle Eastern countries have a lot to lose if ISIS continues marching across the Levant. They can arm and train the groups that they choose. They have been using terrorists groups for years in their proxy war against Israel and they should know who they can work with. Islam’s kingdoms have used cruel barbaric sharia laws and Islamic fundamentalism to control their people for hundreds of years. The Middle East needs to help clean up their mess that threatens all of humanity. They allowed these radical islamist cults to grow, they funded the supremacist intolerant lessons of hate and they need to help us destroy this evil. . I think we can get our part of this campaign done in 3-6 months. It should not take 3 yrs to push ISIS out of Iraq and to destroy all of their supply and financial infrastructure in Syria and Iraq. Our western allies can help us in the North with these three goals, the muslim world can assist the Iraqi south and Syrian troops. We all should increase our aid to the Middle East refugees and we all should increase our aid to the nations that are housing them.  My guess is Biden will be right in the end. There will probably be 3 different nations for the Iraqi lands. I know I am not feeling very charitable toward the Sunni and Shias. They screwed up a good chance to give their people peace.  It looks like the Kurds and Christians are the only groups that have any common sense.


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