Arming and training Isis

Dear Congressman Posey, Speaker Boehner,
I have more than a few reservations about arming the Syrian Rebels. I think it is too late to separate the moderates from the radical Islamists. Again, Obama has waited too long to act. The time to  assist the rebels was at the beginning when they had Assad on the run. Instead, Obama waited until the radical Islamists invaded Syria. My guess is Obama has some wrong headed notion of a Muslim Caliphate with the Muslim Brotherhood in charge. There is little difference between the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s numerous evil progeny, but our President does not see this and invites them and their supporters to our White House and he uses them for advisors. If reports are correct, the moderate rebels turned the journalists and aid workers over to ISIS. It is reported that Assad may have done this, also. As you know,three have been beheaded so far and the rest are still held by these animals. The Syrian rebels have been infiltrated by radical Islamists. Also,their allegiance to the Sunni sect may keep them from attacking ISIS. I think that arming and training anymore rebels be left to the oil rich Sunni Arab nations. We may be the Alpha dog, but the Arab troop’s training are good enough to defeat Assad.

Let the Arab nations arm and train the rebels inside Syria. We should not have anything to do with that. They know them best and they can decide which ones they want to assist.  The Arab nations have been using and funding terrorist groups in their proxy war against Israel for decades and they have allowed and funded a fundamentalist Islamist ideology to thrive in their lands that control their people with barbaric Sharia Laws. This Supremacist theology has metastasized and created Islamist cults that believe that their god demands that they convert, implement Sharia laws  on everyone the world over and he demands that they murder anyone who refuses. They also believe that terrorism, thieving, raping, deception, slavery, torture and all kinds of inhumane depravity is allowed and forgiven by their god in the pursuit of these goals. You can see I am not blinded by the left’s looney political correctness.
I support bombing the crap out of ISIS and I support destroying their financial networks, infrastructure and supply routes–in both Iraq and Syria. I support training, arming and embedding special forces with the Kurds and Christians in Iraq. I support sharing intel and giving air support to all who take up arms against ISIS in southern Iraq. I do not think we should trust anyone doing business with Syrian Rebels and we should limit what intel we give them. I think we should be very careful about the intel we give the Iraqi government, as they have aligned themselves with Iran. I support destroying, defeating and pushing ISIS out of Iraq. I support degrading ISIS in Syria by air. I support degrading them enough that they cannot invade Iraq or overwhelm the Free Syrian Army. I do not support sending troops into Syria, except for spotters and intel agents. I support a full on 3-6 months campaign against ISIS, not a 3 year tentative slap. Let’s just get it done and get the heck out of there, maybe staying to boost the security for the Kurds and Christians in northern Iraq.  I would like other nations to help, but if they don’t, it has to be done. There is no peaceful and moral coexist for America, indeed for the modern world, with the radical islamists. ISIS threatens our homeland and our interests around the globe.
Just as a side note, It annoys me when our President and others call them ISIL. They are in Syria and Iraq, they do not have troops across the Levant. The Levant refers to Israel,Cyprus, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria. It may even be part of Egypt. Our President is NOT a stupid man. He knows what it is. Why he and the State Department are doing it, that remains to be seen. I revert back to my suspicion that they are insanely flirting with a Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate.

As another side note. Obama is asking for a whole lot of money for both our war on ISIS and the Ebola war. There are billions of dollars that have gone missing in several government Agencies and there are several billions in other Agencies that are reported as waste and fraud. Could it be some of that lost money is going into black sites or crony corrupt programs that #WeThePeople would NOT approve of. I urge you to be sure of the monies needed to complete the jobs and the goals you approve.


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