Down the rabbit hole

Hamza bin Laden would be about 23 yrs old. Where is he? He was 10 in September 2001 .

Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi was the 20 yr old Saudi student that was injured in the Boston Marathon Bombing. Michele Obama visited him and President Obama talked with Saudi Arabia’s ambassador and other Saudi officials. Abdul’s family have a number of terrorists in their family tree.

The new Al Qaida offshoot, Khurasan, was bombed in Syria yesterday along with ISIS. Khurasan means “son.”  Khurasan is the old Islamic Caliphate lands of northeaster Iran , Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and maybe part of India.  The Khurasan leader’s pic was released today. Could Hamza and this leader be the same? Abdul?

Well, so much for this rabbit hole. The Khorasan leader, Muhsin al-Fadhli . They tell us he may have been killed and he is 33 years old. However regarding the Hamza Bin Laden traits–the full bottom lip and the square chin–he is a cousin of Hamza’s and he is a trusted confidant of Al Zwahiri, the Al Qaeda leader.


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