The President needs to go to Congress to make war

The President has 60 to 90 days to get Congress’ permission to declare war ,  under the War Powers Act. If monies are needed, Congress will have to vote for it, thereby supporting the military action in Syria and Iraq.  Congress must declare war and get back to regular order. That is the law, that is the Constitutional mandate. That should get us to January and a new Congress.  At that time, I believe Congress needs to formalize our War on the Radical Islamist Cults that are terrorizing the world. This is a generational war. The modern world, the civilized world cannot coexist with this supremacist theology. We couldn’t before in the 50s and we can’t, now. We need a formalized plan to eradicate these barbarous cults and we need the world nation’s to join us. The world has to eliminate the teachers, the madras’ and their lessons of death and destruction. We must destroy their financial and support structures. We also need to get back to work and pay our bills&debt and reform of our tax and regulatory structure is the only way to do that. This is a generational war, it will cost plenty and we need an economically booming nation and world to fight it. The alternative is conversion, enslavement to Sharia Laws or death. That is their goal and this is our war to survive it.


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