Free Andrew Tahmooressi

How much aid do we send Mexico? How much money have we sent Mexico to reform their judicial system? How much money does the US and US owned businesses invest in the Mexican economy? How much money do our immigrant workers send back to their impoverished families in Mexico? Trillions that is how much! It is way past time that America rethink our friendship with Mexico. It has become a drug cartel nation and it is sending it’s poisonous products and criminal elements into our nation. Shut the border. They do not deserve us as an ally. What a scumbag government to keep our innocent citizens in jail and to initially put them into a criminal population that threatened his life. As for the guards who beat Tahmooressi and the military that arrested him and the judicial system that still keeps him, you better hope America continues to treat your people in a respectful, humane manner. We The People of America are pretty disgusted with you Mexico and we are really disgusted with our President for not having this Marine’s back. We are fed up with our citizens being persecuted and prosecuted by both foreign governments and by our own government. There is change coming and it is NOT Barack Obama’s change.


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