Is President Obama an enemy of the State

I think our President is an enemy of the state. He does not enforce our laws and he makes his own law thru regulations created by the bureaucracies. He is a lawless President who believes that the ends justifies any means. His ends are a statist state, which is just a nice word for a Marxist or Communist America. The only way to change America is thru disruption, chaos, disaffection,distrust and disrespect for authority, law enforcement and the rule of law. After having caused the economic and moral failures in the black communities, Obama and his cohorts are encouraging this lawlessness, disrespect and distrust that killed so many in the black community, including Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin.   As for his foreign policy, I believe he is working covertly for a Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate. That is why he waited until Sunni radical Islamists to infiltrate the secular Syrian Rebels before he wanted to bomb Assad and arm the rebels. That is why he did nothing regarding the continued persecution and genocide of Christians and other minorities in Syria and Iraq until world outrage forced him to act. He has known for two years that the Sunni radical islamists have been beheading people, forcibly converting them, enslaving women, implementing barbaric Sharia laws and mass murdering all who do not accept their will. Obama was okay with all these atrocities until the world insisted he act.  Again his ends justify any means. Again, Obama did not act in the Boko Haram atrocities, until world outrage against them forced him too.  As for Benghazi, it is becoming increasingly evident that Obama and Hillary were buying and transferring arms, thru Turkey, to Syrian radical islamists–probably ISIS. It is also becoming evident that Obama and Hillary were working with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood regarding Benghazi security measures and that just maybe they were involved in a botched Ambassador Stevens kidnapping for a guaranteed Blind Sheik trade. Stevens died of smoke inhalation–they did not shoot him. At some point we have to say that Obama’s erratic incomprehensible acts make him an enemy of the state and a traitor. At some point we have to say, President Obama does not support individual freedom and sovereignty, self governance and American Constitutional liberties.


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