Don’t eliminate Columbus Day

Why not have a Native American Day that does not replace Columbus Day. I am really sick of people trashing our country for supposed pass sins. Columbus sailed for Spain. He was a man of his time and in that time Germany was burning Jews at the stake, France and other European Nations were persecuting and expelling Jews, AGAIN. The Catholic Church was kicking out the Muslims from Jerusalem. Spain was reclaiming Grenada from the Moors.England had a bunch of turf wars, inside. What did Columbus do? He talked with the Indians and learned about corn and tobacco. He claimed the land for Spain. He was a man of his time.
Americans today should be looking and finding out how to fix the atrocities of today. Inside our own nation, the drug trade is responsible for thousands of shootings and crimes every week. In Chicago alone, there are 60 shootings in a single weekend, most all related to drugs and gangs. We just had an Islamist behead someone, last week, for heavens sake. ISIS is beheading American journalists and aid workers, as we speak. Millions of Radical Islamists want to force their ancient cult of Islam and barbaric Sharia laws on the world. Let’s clean up our own house, instead of being outraged and penurious of a man from 1492.  If we obey our Constitution, our nation will be the greatest gift not only to us, but the world. Learn from the past and do better. That is America’s motto, not this continued flogging of ourselves for past failures. Let’s live up to our Founders vision for America. Their vision was directed by God, after all. Who better to guide us?


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