Republicans must win both Houses

No matter how nice Democrat Candidates are and no matter what they promise, bottom line, if Republicans do not win the Senate, America will be subjected to Senator Reid’s one man veto. There are 395 House bills sitting on Harry Reid’s desk. That is why the Congress passes continuing resolutions to fund our government. Harry Reid will NOT bring budgets to the floor. That is why there are NO appropriations bills. That is why there are NO job bills. That is why Congress is dysfunctional. Harry Reid cannot continue to lead the Senate. His autocratic behavior is too dangerous and it threatens our Republic. He is destroying the regular order of Congress. It should be noted that Harry Reid’s continued obstruction allows President Obama to rule by fiat thru the regulatory process and Executive orders. The President, Reid and the Senate Democrats are just fine with these abuses of power and if they win the Senate, they will vote Harry Reid in as leader of the Senate, again. Most Americans know that our Constitutions says we have 3 equal parts to our government and all spending bills need to originate in the House, then it goes to the Senate, where it is debated, amended and sent to conference for negotiations. Then it is voted on. Right now, that does not happen. The House has tried to use it’s power of the purse, but Democrats forced a shut down of our government rather than negotiate and our President acted like the neighborhood bully and took petty damaging revenge on our military, shut down our National Parks and threatened our elderly. He attacked our citizens with his cuts, instead of cutting government waste and fraud. Congressional millionaires and staff were paid. If Americans want good paying jobs and a fully employed economy, not the part time/ entry level job nation we have now. Republicans must win both Houses if we are to control Obama’s incompetent lawless reign. Voting in Democrats will be voting for the same government we have had for the last 6 years.


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