Ferguson and the people in the car who refused to comply with the police

Our nation has a problem. Some of our citizens have no trust or respect for law enforcement and the rule of law. Some even lack respect for other’s property&well being. Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were killed because of this disrespect and distrust. These people in the car set up this policeman. They even had one of their children tape it from the get go. Who does that? Now they are sueing. It was a set up by free loaders. They were not afraid. You can tell be the phone call that they knew the police were not going to shoot them. They were just being lawless and disrespectful. They refused to comply with the policeman’s orders. Who does that? One mistake, one delayed response and the policeman is dead. He has to be very careful and not misjudge any situation. We see it everyday. Just yesterday, in Ferguson, we see another young man who shoots at a policeman and is shot to death by that policeman. What was the response by that community? They protest and try to prod the police into another confrontation. Hundreds of people are shot everyday,mostly by young criminals who shoot their own neighbors. Progressive Democrat governance has destroyed the inner city neighborhoods and now these same leaders ignore the lawlessness and encourage the disrespect and distrust that is killing their constituents, to distract from the failed educational system, high unemployment and crime that their corrupt incompetence has created. Those protesters in Ferguson and other failed inner cities should direct their anger and frustration at their community, state and Federal leaders.


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