Ferguson/St Louis want a lynching,not justice

Decade after decade Ferguson and the St Louis area have voted Democrats to govern them. What do they have to show for this blind loyalty? Under President Johnson, you got a welfare system that encouraged no Father families. Democrats wrote a system that destroyed welfare families and kept them in poverty and dependence. Democrats have bankrupted inner city neighborhoods, leaving the people with a failed education system, high unemployment and illiteracy, increasing criminal activity and violence. Now Democrat activists and leaders are encouraging more distrust and disrespect of police and the rule of law that is already in the neighborhoods, all to distract and redirect the anger and frustration of the residents of the failed inner city communities that the incompetent, corrupt Democrats have created. It is the distrust of police and disrespect for police, other people and their property and the rule of law that is killing inner city young people. In my opinion, the people of Ferguson and St Louis know that this dead young man had a gun and he fired at the policeman and it is my opinion that the people of Ferguson and St Louis know that Michael Brown strong armed the shop keeper,stole the cigars, beat up the policeman,walked away and charged back to finish him off when he was told to halt. It is my opinion that the People of Ferguson and St Louis have misdirected their anger on the policemen who were in fear for their lives and were not only defending  themselves, but also the people around these incidents. It is my opinion the protestors and rioters want a lynching, not justice. To the protestors, I say, ask yourselves why your leaders created your hell hole neighborhoods and do nothing but make you more government dependent, illiterate and angry as the years go by. You have been used and abused and you are being told to attack the people who have tried to keep a lid on your rampant crime that is killing and destroying the lives of your children.


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