Why aren’t we carpet bombing ISIS and saving Kobani

It is my belief that Obama and Kerry were just fine with all the beheadings,murders,rapes,enslavements,vivisepulture,and torture going on. They both knew, hid it,ignored it and thought it was for the greater good. I think Obama and the State Department believe that a Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate would be best for the region’s and the world’s stability. I believe they were willing to sacrifice the lives and freedom of millions of people for the greater good until world outrage forced them to act. That is why the war is so tentative and tepid. That is why Obama is not saving Kobani. They still are willing to sacrifice the welfare of millions and they are still willing to use all these barbarous cruel supremacist islamist cults to force a Caliphate on Islam, never thinking that radical islam goals include us under enslaving sharia law,too. Our leaders are fools and scumbags for supporting such  a creed.


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