Can we stop Ebola here

Are hospitals able to handle Ebola patients and contain the disease? They will do their best they can, but Ebola is one nasty virus and will find it’s way into our population, if we do not stop flights coming out of the African hot spot nations, We need to stop the 150+people per day from coming in. It is just crazy we have not done this. When American aid workers and journalists come back, they need to go into quarantine for 21 days. Instead of dividing our attention, we should quarantine those countries involved, rush in medical teams for all over the world, rush in supplies and infrastructure. We need to stop this disease in Africa. Dividing our attention, allowing this disease to spread and trying to contain it in our nation is just stupid. Let’s have some common sense here, folks. Quarantine those African nation and wipe the disease out in Africa.


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