Should Romney run for President again?

Romney would make a very good President, but really why would he subject himself to the abuses of the Democrats? I am thinking that Romney would be a good  chair for a Presidential economic team to chart a plan on the road back to prosperity. Romney could lead the way to reform our regulations and Steve Forbes could lead the reform of the way we collect government revenue. Both regs and taxes need to be reformed in a business friendly way, before we become a fully employed and economically successful nation again. Coburn could lead the charge to cut government size, waste and fraud. Herman Cain could implement his inner city revitalization plan. We need EPA reforms that protect our nation’s job market  while protecting our health and well being. Our nation needs a wise man who can make decisions in a just,effective and logical manner. I believe that man is Dr. Ben Carson.  It is going to take a Village of experts with common sense, who love our country, her people and support her constitution,  and  who will work to heal her and make her what she was always meant to be. We have a good foundation, we just need to live up to our Founders’  vision.


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