Why are so many of Obama’s people speaking out against Obama

I think a whole lot of people are worried about Obama’s erratic governance. He is making decisions that do not make sense. How can our President not allow our military to destroy  ISIS? Why does he delay and tie the hands of the military when he is finally shamed into acting against ISIS? It is my belief Obama and the State Department were just fine with the barbarity and cruelty of ISIS until the public outrage over the beheadings. Obama and the State Department knew the barbaric persecution of the Syrian people done by ISIS. Do they think it was for the common good? The common good being Assad’s defeat. Do they think that they can use ISIS in their war against Assad and ignore their repugnant crimes against humanity? Despite the rebels having Assad on the run in the beginning, Obama waited until the Islamists had infiltrated the Syrian Rebel groups before he called for bombing Assad and arming and training the rebels. The arms we sent to the Syrian Rebels probably ended up in ISIS hands and we probably trained them for crying out loud!  ISIS marched into Iraq and Obama did nothing, instead forcing the ouster of Maliki. ISIS was in the open, on the roads. It would have been easy to destroy them. Instead Obama allowed them to rape, behead, bury alive, torture, enslave, force conversions and force Sharia on the Iraqi people. Now, Obama is allowing ISIS to take over Kobani, knowing full well that ISIS will butcher the Kurds. How many thousand must suffer, be murdered and abused by ISIS in Obama’s long war against this monstrous group? Arm the Kurds and embed Special forces and advisors and let’s just get the job done and destroy ISIS now. Waiting is not an option. The Shite Iraqis  and the Sunni Turks will not  arm and assist the Kurds. We have three groups that will never work together. We must work with them as separate nations. The Kurds and the Christian minorities can only be helped by Western Nations. The US must step up. Islam is ready to see them destroyed. Obama and the State Department are fools if they think a Caliphate headed by the Muslim Brotherhood will appease the jihadists and their barbaric cruel vision for the world. The Muslim Brotherhood has that same dark vision. They are fools to think they can work with Iran. The mullahs have that same dark vision.


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