What is this election about?

It is about Jobs and the economy, like always. A fully employed America fixes a whole lot of things. We pay our bills,balance the budget and pay off the nation killing debt, plus……Americans have more money in their pocket and are a whole lot less dependent on intrusive government. America welcomes the immigrant if he has a good paying job, like our citizens, and pays his own way. An economically strong America gains the respect of the world and the bad actors will cut the crap they are doing….Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, Syria and the UN. The only way we become economically strong again is for Libertarian/Republicans to win both Houses in overwhelming numbers to circumvent Obama’s petty veto. Reid cannot continue his continuing resolution and one man veto tyranny and Obama cannot continue his governing by executive orders and regulatory/litigation abuses.  We will lose our Republic if we cannot have a constitutionally run government. 385 House bills are sitting on Reid’s desk where he refuses to allow them to the Senate Floor for debate, amendment and conference. Why Senate Dems continue to allow Reid to do this, I do not know. 300 of these bills are bipartisan/veto proof bills and many are job bills.  A vote for a Democrat is a vote for Reid and Obama’s lawless, more of the same failed, dangerous leadership. Despite the Democrat Candidates saying that they will oppose Obama’s policies, they did not do it in the last 6 years.  I doubt they will find their courage and common sense to do it these last two years.


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