Ebola protocols

I don’t think America is in a panic. However, we are afraid that Obama will not act until it is too late as he has done on issues before. He has a pattern of waiting too long, allowing problems to deteriorate into crisis after crisis, both here and around the world. Common sense says we must have a travel ban from the Ebola hot spots and common sense says we must have a mandated quarantine for all who come back from the hot zones.  Common Sense also says that the healthcare workers here in the US, are in quarantine during and 21 days after caring for an Ebola patient. Common sense says the US and the rest of the world’s nations need to rush in medical teams, medicines,supplies, food and infrastructure teams to the hot zones to stop the spread of Ebola. This is a world security mission and the world better step up now or regret their inhumanity and cowardly actions later.


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