Ferguson threatens to riot

Police are gearing up for the riots expected when the grand jury releases it’s findings. Are they Ferguson Protestors or are most of them out side leftist agitators? The Democrats have destroyed and bankrupted the cities that they have governed for decades and they have created  an inner city population living with increasing failing schools, crime and violence, that cannot think in any logical manner. It is all about feeling and those feelings are one of disenfranchisement, victimhood, entitlement and anger. Their leaders are directing these feelings and have encouraged their people to think that past wrongs need to be addressed thru the demonization and punishment of the innocent. From the start, anyone looking, including Holder and his leftist activist lawyers, knew that the policeman was telling the truth about the incident. Brown strong armed a store keeper,stole merchandise, attacked the policeman in his car,ran away when shot,turned and charged back to finish the policeman off. When did it become okay for people to lie and incriminate others because their own lives are shitty? When did it become okay for political activists, Obama and Holder to try to exploit and gin up a race war to create the chaos and uncertainty needed to force thru their “Change” that only a Marxist or Communist can believe in?.


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