Is the American Dream Dying

The American dream was that everyone can have a comfortable and successful life if they got a good education and worked hard, but our overregulated and over taxed and over litigated nation is making that dream harder and harder. What sets America apart is that the majority of our nation are middle class, living comfortable lives, rich in the eyes of most of the world, but our middle class is shrinking because our employers are being burdened so much by government bureaucracies that they cannot grow and provide the good paying jobs that they once did. Especially burdened are the small businesses who employ more than half the workforce. They are being forced to employ part time workers because of the increased costs of healthcare plans, increased compliance costs, out of control regulation,increased taxes, and government litigation abuses. Small business have a tougher time paying for doing business in America than the corporations who can just move overseas.  Government abuse is killing the American Dream. As Government increases it’s size, the middle class loses ground and the poor find it increasingly harder to improve their lives.  Government says there is no inflation, but food,fuel, and everyday goods and services have increased, taking more and more from the regular American’s paycheck. There is no emergency funds in the American savings these day. Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Government is taking more than it’s fair share and the standard of living of most Americans is being reduced. We are like the frog placed in water, being slowly boiled alive, not noticing we are being destroyed. In Obama’s America, the policies make the rich richer and the other 99% poorer. Our President’s rhetoric does not match the results of his policies.


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