What is this election really about?

Most American feel our nation is a chaotic, uncertain mess. This election is about two things when you boil it down. It is about the harmful results of President Obama’s policies and governance and it is about Senator Harry Reid’s obstructionist agenda in the Senate that has stopped Congress from doing the people’s business.  Despite continually saying the he is working for the American people to improve their lives and make sure they have their fair share and fair shot at the American Dream, we have seen that President Obama’s rhetoric does not match the results of his policies. Our standard of living has been reduced and our black families and young workers have suffered the most.

Statistics say the economy is doing well and unemployment is less than 6%, but most of the new jobs are part time, entry level jobs and 37% of our workforce is not working. 47 million Americans are using food stamps, millions have subsidized medical care and millions of us are on welfare.  We the People want good paying jobs, not kid jobs and food stamps, welfare, and government subsidies. Burdening  and demonizing our employers will not grow our economy, it will stagnate it, stopping small business growth and chasing international business over seas.  Taxing the profits of overseas American businesses twice will not bring investment monies to create jobs, build infrastructure, for innovation and research back into America. The highest corporate tax in the world will not grow our economy and provide the jobs needed to support our people. The Fed pumping Trillions into the stock market does little or nothing for Main Street. It just makes the rich richer and the pay gap larger. Obama made the policy that did this and then exploits it by demonizing big business and banks. It is Obama’s policies that have made the system unfair.  As I said before, Obama’s populace rhetoric does not match the results of this policies, his regulations and his onerous taxes.

The Abuses of Harry Reid

There are over 350 House bills on Senator Reid’s desk. 98% of them are bipartisan, veto proof bills. Many are job creation bills. Reid refuses to bring them to the Senate floor for debate, amendment and conference. He is denying the other 99 Senators the ability to represent their constituency. Why the Democrats allow him to do this, I do not know. He has been obstructing for four years. That is why we pay the bills with continuing resolutions instead of appropriation bills and budgets. The House has tried to force Reid to do the people’s business, but when the budgets and appropriation bills were not brought to the Senate floor, it forced a shut down where Obama pettily shut down Parks, tried to keep WW11 Veterans from the Memorial, shut the people’s House to the public and put our safety and his own security at risk, as well as caused hardship to government employees,  by not paying DC police and other government security employees, including the military. The President even threatened to stop Social Security and Disability checks, if you can believe that. Our President threw a fit and hurt We The People because he did not get his way. He wanted to continue with his $1.5 Trillion yearly deficit. What kind of President does that, instead of directing Reid to debate, amend and conference to craft a budget? What kind of Senator behaves in such a despicable way? A vote for any Democrat Senator will see a continuance of this Congressional disfunction that allows the President to govern by executive action and regulatory abuses. A Democrat led Senate will see Harry Reid at the helm. Democrats will not oppose his abusive reign. A Democrat led Senate will see no needed tax and regulation reform to revitalize our economy, just more stagnation and uncertainty on Wall Street and Main Street.

The case against Barack Obama

What are the results of President Obama’s deceptive, abusive and destructive governance? Despite saying we would see a reduction in the costs of health insurance and we could keep our doctor, we have seen huge increases to our costs, including deductions and we are losing our doctors.  Most doctors and hospitals will not do business with Government insurance because of the low reimbursements and massive paperwork and the small choice of networks may not list your doctor. There is one state that has one provider. You cannot keep your doctor if they are not in the network. The employer mandates are set to take effect after the election of course. Will our employers reduce their full time jobs and decrease their employee numbers or will they drop employee healthcare benefits and pay the low tax/fine because of soaring costs? Will Unions drop their healthcare benefits and push their member into the ACA because of the onerous Cadillac tax? Will retirees be forced into Medicare early or be forced into the ACA because of increased costs to their former employers? With Senator Reid’s obstruction there can be no fixes from the Congress. Obama made a big mistake when he appointed leftist cronies and partisan hacks, instead of competent, expert people, to write and implement the ACA. That web page roll out was a disaster and the security is still a dangerous failure. It is the mandates that were added by the Obama Administration and the numerous delays to implement all of the revenue and employer mandates that have increased the costs. If Congress would open up Medical Insurance competition to all states, remove the Cadillac tax, business tax, and remove the mandates, Americans would have more choices with better more affordable care and Obamacare would die on it’s own. That will not be done if Congress cannot pass veto proof bills and if the Senate is led by Harry Reid.

Early on Obama restarted a flawed cartel gun selling program that President Bush stopped and the Obama Administration stripped a clause in it that said they were to track and retrieve the guns from that program. The purpose of the Fast and Furious program was to collect the criminal data where those guns were used. They never planned to track and retrieve the guns they facillited into the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartels. Who does that? Who thinks the monstrous data of murders, crimes, intimidations and rapes is permissible collateral damage to pass anti gun laws in the US? Hundred of Mexican and at least two Americans have been murdered with those guns, not to mention the other heinous crimes where the guns were used, too.  People responsible for the implementation of this inhumane program have retired and gone to other jobs.  Only the whistleblowers who stopped the Obama Administration from using that data for gun control regulations,  have been punished and harassed. You can bet that other potential whistleblowers  all through the government, were intimidated and silenced after this.

Our nation has lunged recklessly from crisis to crisis, some brought on by bad, incompetent policies and some by delayed actions. We know that the Obama Administration was warned repeatedly that Libyan Security was non existent for our people there, yet they did nothing. The State Department ignored security protocols for not only the Embassy, but more dangerously for the Benghazi outlet. What person with any common sense hires Islamist militia to protect our people? That was just an insane reckless decision. Again, though a few people have been moved to new jobs, no one is being held to account for the attack and murders. Instead the Obama Administration lied and tried to push a video as cause for a protest getting out of control for the attack. Those that survived the attack were wisked away to parts unknown and threatened into silence. The few whistleblowers we have to speak truth to Obama’s deceptions, had to leave government employ to speak.  Months later the Obama Administration denied that they lied and said they always knew it was a terrorist attack, but three weeks after the attack President Obama was at the UN where he still blamed the video. How can you trust someone when they continue to lie to you? What is Obama hiding regarding Benghazi?  Were we facilitating guns to the Syrian Rebels? Were we doing business with the Islamists in Libya? Were the Syrian Rebels aided and armed by us.  ISIS? Does Obama support a Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate in the Middle East? Is that why he delayed helping the secular Syrian Rebels and waited until the Muslim brotherhoods evil progeny, the radical Islamists had infiltrated them? Is Obama willing to allow the use of the Islamic violent death cults to achieve that Caliphate goal and does he consider the Sharia Law enslavement and 600AD cruel barbarity to millions, acceptable collateral damage for a stable Middle East? Is that why we are not destroying ISIS?  Is Obama willing to put the security of Israel at risk to see this? Is that why he is just fine with the current agenda of  insulting and demonization of  Israel that is coming from his own people?

Every week there is another crisis. This week it is EBOLA, with ISIS, Russia and China aggression whispering dangerously in the background. Common sense says that we should implement a travel ban from the Western African hotspots. Think of the costs, if not the danger of spreading Ebola to the US.  We just spent over a million dollars caring for a Liberian visitor,cleaning his apartment, schools and quarantining his family and friends. Despite using CDC protocols, two American nurses got Ebola from that care. Both nurses homes and vehicles have been cleaned, but one nurse traveled by plane and shopped for a wedding gown in Ohio.  The plane is out of service and has undergone millions of dollars worth of cleaning and reupholstering, not to mention the lost costs in fares. The bridal shop is closed. Who wants to buy one of those dresses?  Another nurse was on a cruise ship. They quarantined her and rushed to a port that would except them, after being denied in South America, for a thorough cleaning, plus they refunded the fares and future fares. Who will want to use the Ebola ship for vacation? Then there is the Doctor in NY. He used the subway, UBER, bowled at two locations and went to a restaurant. His apartment has been cleaned, but his neighbors are very worried. No one is going to the restaurant that he had dinner or the bowling alleys and Uber fares have decreased. As for Nurse Kaci, she is either a CDC political operative, an Obama acolyte or a get rich quick opportunist. She seems to be sue happy.  Why would she not accept the self quarantine?  Why did she make such a fuss when she was put in quarantine after arriving with a temperature?  This country wants a travel ban. This country wants all Ebola care givers to be in quarantine during the care and 21 days after the care. This country wants the US and the rest of the world to rush in medical teams, supplies, medicines, food and infrastructure teams to the hot spots to stop the Ebola spread, there.  America wants our President to use some common sense and protect us. Political correctness, hubris and our President’s narcissism and recklessness are putting our nation at risk. Americans know that with the increase in Ebola cases, the disease has mutate hundreds of times. We know the protocols of just a short time ago, may not be good enough now or in the future. Americans are getting real tired of the “I know best” elitists chewing us out and demeaning our intelligence when we disagree with them.

We have seen our President use the Department of Justice to encourage racial division. The Sanford Trayvon Martin case and the Ferguson Michael Brown case come to mind. Evidence shows that Trayvon attacked and tried to smash the head of the neighborhood watchman into the sidewalk repeatedly and the watchman shot him in self defense. Evidence also shows us that Brown strong armed the store keeper, shoplifted, attacked the policeman in the car, ran and charged back to finish the attack when the policeman yelled for him to stop. Brown was 260 lbs. He was the weapon and the policeman shot him in self defense. In both cases Obama sent Holder to agitate and investigate. In both cases Obama colluded with Rev Al, Jackson and other leftist activists to lead protests. Obama, Holder, his civil rights team, Rev Al, Attorney Crump and his crew, Rev Al, Rev Jackson and some Democrat leaders and leftist media encouraged distrust and disrespect for law enforcement by spreading false facts and using disruptive and violent tactics, as well as promoting the culture of victimhood and the need to seek revenge for historical injustices.  In Brown’s case the protests have turned violent and in an effort to stop that violence and encourage rational thought, leaked facts that support Trooper Wilson’s version of the event have happened. Today our Attorney General just threatened to punish those who leaked the information and he also threatened prosecution of the local police Department. He stoked the divisive fires of dissent without acknowledging the truth of the facts leaked. Like many of the leftists activists, the Obama Administration are not interested in justice and truth, they want to exploit and divide, creating uncertainty and more distrust and disrespect, to feed the mob and railroad the Trooper Wilson. In their mind Trooper Wilson, the businesses destroyed, the people hurt and the increased crime are all permissible collateral damage to achieve their goals.  Sal Alinsky, the President’s patron saint, says that you must destroy civil society to force thru the change which is Marxism.

We have seen the Obama Administration use every government agency and department as political and ideological weapons, turning the abusive power of government against We The People. The IRS audits and harasses all who oppose Obama’s agenda. The FBI spied on journalists, their families and their employers. They have tried to bar Fox news from the White House pressroom, the Pentagon and the State Department pressers.  The most blatant use was the IRS’ to target conservative and religious groups and deny their voices in the public debate. They not only delayed their tax status, but they sent other Government agencies to harass and investigate them. One Tea Party founder had OSHEA. FBI and the ATF called out to investigate a small business she owner and buried her with overwhelming intrusive paperwork. The NLRB tried to strong arm Boeing into excepting only UNION employees at their new SC plant by shutting the plant down. They also  mandated that non unionized businesses accept union members to follow the OSHEA and other regulatory officials to intimidate the businesses and their employees. They even shortened the time when a union demanded a vote from non unionized businesses and did not allow the company owners to lobby for non unionization. Unions are more Mafia these days, living off their members dues and buying influence from the Democrat Party. The EPA is really an abusive agency and are owned by the radical environmentalists.  It seems the radical left–ie the Progressives, the Communists, the Marxists, the Fascists—-are in charge of our Government Agencies and they  are abusing that power, forcing regulations and litigation on our people and businesses.

And finally there is immigration. Six years of promises made and never delivered by our President, our immigrants know they are being used to divide our nation for political and ideological gain .  Immigrants are being encouraged to illegally vote by radical leftist activists, but most know that the bad governments that the fled from destroyed the integrity of the people’s vote and used the government as a weapon against their people and they want no part of that. All of us, both immigrant and citizen, know that our borders need to be secured and the immigration  numbers need to be controlled before they overwhelm our schools, medical and welfare systems, not to mention we need to stop the criminals, terrorists and deadly drugs from coming in.  ICE, ordered by Obama, has released immigrant murderers, violent criminals and rapists back into our population to await adjudication. Is that a sane act? Obama now threatens to ID all immigrants and give them legal status by executive action after the election before the border is secured.  This is a non biding unconstitutional reach and this will not give them security and will leave them in limbo.  President Bush tried to pass immigration reform but was stopped by the Democrats with the support of then Senator Obama.  He was not interested in giving immigrants certainty, legal status and economic improvement , then and he is not interested in it now.  He and the Democrat leadership have always used the immigrants as a weapon, just as they have always used the black family as a weapon to divide our nation and as a voting block. They even tried to use the Native American population a few years back. None of their lives have been improved. We are Americans, we are one family, but the Democrats want to divide us into groups and turn us against each other. What kind of amoral people do that?

All over the world we see unrest brought about by Obama’s weak leadership and erratic policies. The Russians grab Crimea and seek a Ukrainian land bridge in the future. They use their oil as leverage to bend Europe and the Ukraine to their bidding. They continue to encroach on American and European airspace in a bid to intimidate all of us into not addressing Putin’s aggression.

China is trying to steal Japanese and South Korean islands as their own, in a bid to control the Seas, their water ways and air space. They are also breaking their word to Hong Kong by refusing to allow Hong Kong to choose their own candidates. The police have become violent against the protestors. Obama and his people have long held the Chinese style of capitalism as admirable.

All around the world the cults of radical islam are growing. Individuals acting alone and by groups are constantly attacking us, some are successful, more are stopped by intel.  Their aim is to stop our way of life and to intimidate and bend to their will.  Our President has delays and reduced our fight against radical Islam, he does not seem to think we are at war.  We are always responding to their barbarous acts. We do not seem to have an overall strategy. There is an erratic nature to Obama’s response to this evil and violent ideology.  Americans are uncertain of the Presidents goals or his mission concerning this world threat.

In the end, I have begun to think that President Obama will destroy America by neglect, delay and incompetence and replace our Constitution and it’s Bill of Rights with a statist government, if we allow him. This election is about controlling Barack Obama and his cronies’ anti American agenda. It is about saving our economy and securing our nation.


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