Should Marijuana be legalized

I don’t want to smell the Marijuana smoke. I do not want to breath the marijuana smoke. I do not want my grandchildren or any other children to smell and breath that carcinogenic smoke. Didn’t we just fight that battle with Tobacco? Make the Marijuana into a liquid, a pill or a topical, but no smoking it. Enjoy it all you want, just don’t force it on me and mine with second hand smoke. Enjoy it all you want but don’t drive and endanger me and others with your drunkenness. Colorado has seen a spike in homelessness, petty crimes and deaths  caused by intoxication. If a freezing state has a homeless problem from drug legalization, think what the southern states will have. Those of us who choose not to use drugs have rights too. You might want to ask why your government wants you spaced out, unable to make rational decisions and easily led. It might not  just be about freedom of choice and profits.


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