Cspan asks if we talked politics on Thanksgiving

My 12 year old grandson asked me who I was going to vote for President in 2016. I told him we didn’t know who the candidates would be yet, but I would support Ben Carson if he ran and then he asked if President Obama was running again–I set him straight on that one, for sure! Other than that, we ate, we rode bikes, went for a walk, ate again played bean bag and a match game, watched Frozen& the Adam’s Family &a football game , ate some more, played computer games and decorated the tree. We had fun. It was a great Thanksgiving. The kids are still sleeping and the parents are shopping and Grandma and Grandpa are enjoying our coffee and on our computers waiting for it all to begin again.. Happy. In the background, there is a niggling fear the race hustlers, anarchists and radical leftists might succeed in ripping our country apart if Obama and Holder are not controlled.


Wilson was a Ferguson community scapegoat for their shitty lives.

Rather than confront the issue of why Brown felt he could strong arm a storekeeper, shoplift & attack a policeman or why his aberrant behavior was dismissed by the family, neighborhood, radical leftist outsiders and media unreasonable blame was put on Wilson and his self defense plea which was dismissed despite the forensic evidence to support his testimony? To me, it looks like Wilson was a scapegoat for the anger and frustration that the community feels for their shitty lives. High unemployment, generational enslaving government dependence, increased violence and crime and failed schools have left inner city neighborhoods angry, without hope and frustrated. As for the meek and peaceful rhetoric from Obama, Holder, Crump and Rev Al, it does not match the results of their interference. They tried to stoke the riot fires in Sanford, but failed. They succeeded in Ferguson, but as in Sanford, Holder will just stir the pot of discontent and will not find evidence of civil rights violations. It looks like the Obama Administration has conspired with Rev Al to bring in outside radical leftist radical activists to incite and riot. Again the Obama Administration uses deception and manipulation  on the “Gruber stupid” American people to create another crisis to exploit and further divide our nation. The ends do not justify the means and the harm to Ferguson and other American cities is not permissible collateral damage.

Obama’s riots

It just disgust me that Obama would collude with the likes of the race hustler Rev Al to incite the protestors. Just like Gruber they believe the public is too stupid to know we are being deceived and manipulated. Holder knew a long time ago that the facts proved Wilson’s innocence. He knew that Brown strong armed a store keeper, shoplifted, attacked Wilson,tried to get his gun, ran away and charged back to finish the beat down, when Wilson told him to Halt. Obama knew this, and yet he and radical left continued to repeat the lies and innuendo, demonizing law enforcement and the prosecutor. No matter how peaceful and meek, the rhetoric of Crump, Holder and Obama, the results of their interference was the rioting and burning of Ferguson. They caused the riots and Brown’s thug parents helped them. Obama and his radical leftists continue to encourage the lawless disrespect and distrust that killed Brown. Incompetent and corrupt Democrat leaders destroyed the inner cities and left them with failed schools, high unemployment,, generational government dependency, and increased crime and violent filled neighborhoods. Now, the radical left agitators are exploiting the anger and frustration that Democrat policies caused.

Put the Border Patrol back on the border.

Put the Border Patrol on the border and let them do their job. Allow ICE and state law enforcement to do their jobs. If they think they need more funds, give it to them,–we can give an opportunity to better their lives to some immigrants, but too many will kill the golden goose– but make sure it is not wasted on Obama’s green lunacy and social engineering projects. We are tired of his pet projects. We are Americans, not Marxists or Fascists. Obama needs to stop playing security officer–he knows nothing about it. He is a community organizer after all. We just thought he would be wise enough to surround himself with experts and follow their advice. Unfortunately, his hubris is destroying our nation both, economically and defensively. Obama has endangered the health of our nation with his reckless arrogance. Congress’ job will be to control him and put us back on the path to prosperity and unity. Hand his lawless unconstitutional acts over to constitutional lawyers and take him to court, but don’t get distracted. We need the border secured and tax and reg reforms to make us a fully employed nation again. We need jobs to support and defend our citizens and immigrants and to pay off the nation killing debt. Those are my priorities. Immigration Reform comes after we create the jobs needed for all of us. Obama has pitted one group against another for political gain, inciting unrest and creating instability. I do not have any use for him. It is going to be a long 2 years.

Attorney Crump’s biased destructive statements against Ferguson’s Prosecutor and law enforcement

My answer to Crump’s accusation against the police and the Prosecutor’s actions. Just like in Sanford, Crump, Holder, Rev Al and the other radical leftist agitators tried to force the Prosecutor into indicting Wilson as they did Zimmerman. In Florida, they did force an indictment and a show trial. Plenty of time for outside agitators to come in and try to rip the nation apart along racial and social lines. Plenty of time to create a crisis. Plenty of time to demonize, harass and intimidate an innocent man to where he lost his wife, his livelyhood and to endanger his sanity. That is what they want in Ferguson, but my guess is the Ferguson Prosecutor, just as the Sanford Prosecutor, does not feel the facts warranted an indictment, but Holder and Obama pressured him. It looks like Holder and Obama failed to force the MO Governor to take over as they did in Florida, too. So what did the Ferguson Prosecutor do? He punted. He gave the grand jury all the facts and evidence. He has allowed the grand jury to decide if Wilson is indicted. He has allowed the grand jury to act as prosecutor, in a bid to show Ferguson and the nation that it was a fair and thorough investigation. The race hustlers and the Sal Alinsky radicals see a chance to divide America by exploiting the inner city black families that decades of Democrat incompetent and corrupt leadership and policies have destroyed. The leftist radicals see their chance to direct the anger and frustration caused by high unemployment, failed school and increased violence and criminal activity in the inner city neighborhoods has created. Sal Alinsky and Cloward and Piven all say they you must destroy to force thru Marxist change. That is Obama’s plan. He is a deceiver. His rhetoric never matches the results of his policies and actions.

Immigration Reform in Small bites

  Obama has made things worse. He has created this crisis by not enforcing our laws, releasing felons into the public to await adjudication,legalizing DACA and DACA parents and by not securing the borders. It will be up to Congress and the courts to control Obama’s Lawless, unconstitutional behavior. Our President has shown that he is willing to shut down the government and He has shown that he will take punitive revenge on our citizens and endanger our security, rather than negotiate with Congress. He was almost gleeful this week when he challenged the Congress to impeach him. Impeachment and government shutdowns would be used only to advance Obama’s anti American agenda.
Congress should do immigration reform in bits and pieces–No comprehensive Reform bill. As we have seen with the ACA, they do not do Comprehensive well. Even during the Reagan Administration, they failed and did not secure the border. They also had to go back thru executive action to repair the part that separated parents and children. Immigration reform in small bites should be the order of the day, starting with a secure the border bill. Listen to the border states, law enforcement and the Border Patrol. Do it right. Second, simplify and reform the tax code and regulatory code. I support a consumption tax on all goods and services, including exports. Everyone pays to support our government. All citizens, immigrants, visitors,foreign students and foreign consumers. Business and Corporations will not pay tax on any investment monies that create jobs, build infrastructure, invest in research and innovation in America. Consumer prices will fall, revenues will increase and we will become a fully employed nation. We can pay the nation killing debt off and we can support a robust Immigration Program. Third, ID everyone here. Kick out the felon immigrants after they serve their time. Fourth, simplify and put on the fast track, the visas of American spouses and their children. Fifth reform the citizenship bureaucracy. It takes too long and it is expensive, Remove the anchor baby law. That is just stupid. Sixth, increase the immigrant visa numbers, matching them to the jobs needed to be filled. If the newly ID’d immigrants want to be citizens, they go to the back of the line. No fines. We invited them here in good times because we needed the workers. Our government invited them to promote a political agenda. We let this happen. In some cases, political operatives created this crisis. Fining the pawns is bad form.

My God, the alarmists were right, Obama is a real big fan of Sal Alinsky and Clowerd and Piven!

Ever wonder why all the crisis after crisis in the past 6 years and the incomprehensible solutions to them ? The economic crash? Increased regulation? Taxes that has stagnated our economy causing the rich to get richer and Main Street–that’s us–to lose ground? Criminal Al Sharpton in the White House as an advisor?  AG Holder, his civil rights division, Attorney Crump, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other race hustlers attempt to hide,delay and deceive us regarding the truth of the deaths of Brown and Martin, inciting the mob to protest and violence in Ferguson and  Sanford?  Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR in the White House and State Department as advisors? ACA’s broken and deceitful promises of decreased healthcare costs,  keep your doctor and your plan? Why our allies do not trust us and our enemies do not respect us? Russia and China aggression, massive increases in  Radical Islamist cults,  the unrest, instability and wars within wars the world over?  Why is Obama negotiating with Iran’s on their ability to produce a bomb and their intercontinental missile program? Why does Obama use a moral equivalence when describing Hamas, Palestinian terrorism and Israel’s right to sovereignty and self defense?

Obama’s refusal to enforce our laws, Todays lawless, unconstitutional,executive actions on Immigration? Increased political, economic and social division in America, racial and ethnic unrest leading to violent attacks and murders?  Why there are no travel restrictions and quarantines in place for the Ebola countries?  Why we have amassed over 7 Trillion dollars in debt in that 6years and become increasingly dependent on Government welfare from Healthcare subsidies to food stamps? When we were told of Obama’s connection to all the Marxists and leftists radicals n 2008 and his anti American views, we thought that just could not possibly be true, he is such a nice guy and family man and we dismissed the alarmists  as looney tune conspiracy theorists, but here we are living in a world of crisis after crisis and unconstitutional governance. Who thought the free love hippy 60s could spawn such anti American ideology and so many followers.

Why does Obama invite the terrorist organizations CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House

Obama has invited the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR to the WhiteHouse as advisors. The State Department has done the same. Both of these organizations support Hamas, the terrorist organization who murdered 3 American Rabbis in Israel. What happened to “Your an enemy if you support terrorist organizations”? Egypt says that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization. The UAE says that CAIR is a terrorist organization. What the heck is Obama doing with our enemy? Our allies do not trust us and our enemies do not respect us. Obama praises our enemies and demonizes our allies. Has he no common sense or is he America’s enemy, too? He has deceived us over and over again. The middle class is becoming more dependent on government welfare and the poor are becoming a permanent class, while the rich get richer and government grows more parasitic. Obama is destroying America by inches.

We know Obama should be impeached,but should we?

Yes Obama is ignoring our laws. Yes Obama has not obeyed our Constitution. Yes Obama has used the government bureaucracies to attack his opposition thru litigation and regulatory abuses. Yes Obama has used the government bureaucracies to spy, harass and litigate his opposition. Yes Obama has used the abusive, destructive power of the government bureaucracies to deny the voice of the opposition.  But………………..
We just do not have time to waste on an Obama impeachment and distraction. It is going to be one mad rush to save the Republic. Just control Obama,keep him from doing anything too damaging and get on with what needs to be done. Tax&Reg reforms first. Allow the pipeline, increase oil, gas and coal production and exports to lead the way back to financial and military security. Use our energy production as a weapon for peace, instead of drones and war and export to the free world,removing the intimidation and aggression of the Marxists in South America,Russia, and the Middle East. We need jobs to increase revenue pay the bills–ours and the governments. Remove the ACA mandates, job killing taxes and allow competition nation wide. People will choose the better product that the private sector offers, over government care, allowing Obamacare to destroy itself. A fully employed nation means less government subsidized healthcare and welfare. America will welcome immigrants and embrace immigration reforms that secure the border and regulate immigration. Reduce the size of Government thru attrition and allow the firing of criminals and incompetents in management positions and drone positions. Just control him and get on with making our nation a secure and economically successful nation again. If Reid and Pelosi want to save the Republic and save their Party, they better choose to participate and assist the Republicans in making all Bills veto proof. I am hoping there are still some American loving Democrats left–hopefully just enough to stop an Obama veto.

Please Vote

Most American feel our nation is a chaotic, uncertain mess. This election is about two things when you boil it down. It is about the harmful results of President Obama’s policies and governance and it is about Senator Harry Reid’s obstructionist agenda in the Senate that has stopped Congress from doing the people’s business.  Despite continually saying the he is working for the American people to improve their lives and make sure they have their fair share and fair shot at the American Dream, we have seen that President Obama’s rhetoric does not match the results of his policies. Our standard of living has been reduced and our black families and young workers have suffered the most.

Statistics say the economy is doing well and unemployment is less than 6%, but most of the new jobs are part time, entry level jobs and 37% of our workforce is not working. 47 million Americans are using food stamps, millions have subsidized medical care and millions of us are on welfare.  We the People want good paying jobs, not kid jobs and food stamps, welfare, and government subsidies. Burdening  and demonizing our employers will not grow our economy, it will stagnate it, stopping small business growth and chasing international business over seas.  Taxing the profits of overseas American businesses twice will not bring investment monies to create jobs, build infrastructure, for innovation and research back into America. The highest corporate tax in the world will not grow our economy and provide the jobs needed to support our people. The Fed pumping Trillions into the stock market does little or nothing for Main Street. It just makes the rich richer and the pay gap larger. Obama made the policy that did this and then exploits it by demonizing big business and banks. It is Obama’s policies that have made the system unfair.  As I said before, Obama’s populace rhetoric does not match the results of this policies, his regulations and his onerous taxes.