Please Vote

Most American feel our nation is a chaotic, uncertain mess. This election is about two things when you boil it down. It is about the harmful results of President Obama’s policies and governance and it is about Senator Harry Reid’s obstructionist agenda in the Senate that has stopped Congress from doing the people’s business.  Despite continually saying the he is working for the American people to improve their lives and make sure they have their fair share and fair shot at the American Dream, we have seen that President Obama’s rhetoric does not match the results of his policies. Our standard of living has been reduced and our black families and young workers have suffered the most.

Statistics say the economy is doing well and unemployment is less than 6%, but most of the new jobs are part time, entry level jobs and 37% of our workforce is not working. 47 million Americans are using food stamps, millions have subsidized medical care and millions of us are on welfare.  We the People want good paying jobs, not kid jobs and food stamps, welfare, and government subsidies. Burdening  and demonizing our employers will not grow our economy, it will stagnate it, stopping small business growth and chasing international business over seas.  Taxing the profits of overseas American businesses twice will not bring investment monies to create jobs, build infrastructure, for innovation and research back into America. The highest corporate tax in the world will not grow our economy and provide the jobs needed to support our people. The Fed pumping Trillions into the stock market does little or nothing for Main Street. It just makes the rich richer and the pay gap larger. Obama made the policy that did this and then exploits it by demonizing big business and banks. It is Obama’s policies that have made the system unfair.  As I said before, Obama’s populace rhetoric does not match the results of this policies, his regulations and his onerous taxes.


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