We know Obama should be impeached,but should we?

Yes Obama is ignoring our laws. Yes Obama has not obeyed our Constitution. Yes Obama has used the government bureaucracies to attack his opposition thru litigation and regulatory abuses. Yes Obama has used the government bureaucracies to spy, harass and litigate his opposition. Yes Obama has used the abusive, destructive power of the government bureaucracies to deny the voice of the opposition.  But………………..
We just do not have time to waste on an Obama impeachment and distraction. It is going to be one mad rush to save the Republic. Just control Obama,keep him from doing anything too damaging and get on with what needs to be done. Tax&Reg reforms first. Allow the pipeline, increase oil, gas and coal production and exports to lead the way back to financial and military security. Use our energy production as a weapon for peace, instead of drones and war and export to the free world,removing the intimidation and aggression of the Marxists in South America,Russia, and the Middle East. We need jobs to increase revenue pay the bills–ours and the governments. Remove the ACA mandates, job killing taxes and allow competition nation wide. People will choose the better product that the private sector offers, over government care, allowing Obamacare to destroy itself. A fully employed nation means less government subsidized healthcare and welfare. America will welcome immigrants and embrace immigration reforms that secure the border and regulate immigration. Reduce the size of Government thru attrition and allow the firing of criminals and incompetents in management positions and drone positions. Just control him and get on with making our nation a secure and economically successful nation again. If Reid and Pelosi want to save the Republic and save their Party, they better choose to participate and assist the Republicans in making all Bills veto proof. I am hoping there are still some American loving Democrats left–hopefully just enough to stop an Obama veto.

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